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The games are hosted by the great King Krogmo, a monster whose claim to royalty is questionable, but the expected riches that go with it are certainly not.

King Krogmo's Coliseum is a special resort monsters visit to relax and watch Knights battle each other for a change. You can visit the coliseum by clicking on the crossed swords icon on the HUD. All Coliseum events have a crown entry fee. A portion of the fees are used as rewards for the winners of each match.


During the countdown before the match, you can add energy to bribe King Krogmo for additional prizes.

Krogmo rakes in a good bit of coin from his Coliseum and even shares it with the brave contestants who enter the arena. Every game the Coliseum has to offer earns participants Krogmo Coins which can be exchanged for special prizes. Krogmo even has his own brand of alchemy machines that house special recipes Knights can use even without knowing the recipes themselves.

To celebrate the launch of Blast Network, King Krogmo has constructed a series of festive costume helms for the Spiral Knights that curiously resemble a live bomb. Perhaps it’s some kind of monster joke?

There are many different kinds of Bombhead Masks out there for you to discover. Some can be purchased with Krogmo Coins and many more can be discovered as bonus prizes from bribing King Krogmo. Collect them all!

Earning Krogmo Coins

Any Coliseum game played to completion will earn the participant 1 Krogmo Coin. These are token items that can be traded for special prizes from Sullivan, the Coliseum Rewards Supervisor found in the Haven Arcade.

Winning a match will earn the winning player or winning team an additional Krogmo Coin.

Bribing King Krogmo

Before a match begins, players will find themselves in the barracks outside the match’s arena. Here you can bribe King Krogmo with energy to further up the ante for everyone for the match that’s about to begin. If players manage to fill the pot with energy, Krogmo will unveil a recipient and prize for the match.

Recipients include 'all participants,' 'the winning team,' and 'the winning player.'

Prizes are random and can be extra Krogmo Coins, Sparks of Life, or Bombhead Masks. These last two prizes are quite rare. The Bombhead Masks in particular are mainly a special series not buyable from Sullivan.

Krogmo Coin Boosters

A new upgrade can be purchased from the Upgrade Shop called a ‘Krogmo Coin Booster.’ This upgrade awards the user an additional Krogmo Coin for each completed Coliseum match and lasts 24 hours. Up to 6 Krogmo Coin Boosters may be used simultaneously. You also get 5 Krogmo Coin Boosters from a Battle Pack.

Krogmo’s Alchemy Machine

King Krogmo has constructed a new kind of alchemy machine that Knights are free to use. Instead of it reading the recipes a Knight has learned, it instead stores unique recipes within the machine that a knight may use as if it were his own. Krogmo Alchemy Machines will allow Knights to craft items they are otherwise incapable of producing themselves, such as highly-prized weapon module trinkets.


King Krogmo has dedicated the entire season to new Coliseum events! Expect to see regular updates with exciting new events, rewards and Coliseum features.

Blast Network

Blast Network is a PvP/team event available to all Knights, where Knights are equipped with instant-charging bombs and then attempt to blow up their competitors. The entry fee is 200 crowns. The Blast network holds a much farther, zoomed out image of your character, so you can see your surroundings. The game layout follows one somewhat relative to the typical Bomberman series, but increases the difficulty with respawning blocks, a choice of immediate respawning (Which costs energy; The energy is heightened as you continue to revive multiple times), and upgrades, which, even though they are small, they quickly add up and can be destructive, even if not many are acquired.


Lockdown is a PvP (Player VS Player) event available to all knights, where the knight tries to claim control points, and get the highest influence. The control points generate influence, in which count towards the total score. You can kill the opposing team members, by conventional means (Guns, Swords, Bombs, yet it has other features as well). Class Shields help keep the game unique, in which allows you different effects when using your shield. Strikers get a speed bonus, Recons get invisibility, and Guardians get a shield aura that defends fellow teammates.

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