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Tokens are items that can be exchanged for goods from Brinks, Sullivan, or Holiday Vendors (Like Maskwell for Dark Harvest Festival). There are currently three types of tokens: tokens found in Treasure Boxes in the Clockworks, tokens after defeating a boss, and tokens from participating in the Coliseum. You cannot trade tokens.

Similar to crowns and heat, each player in the party gets one treasure box token for each treasure box token that is picked up.

Boss Tokens

A Jelly Gem boss token on the left; players receiving 3 tokens for playing all the levels in the boss stratum on the right.

After a boss monster is defeated, a boss token is dropped. When touched by a knight, the boss token spins and disappears in a flash of light, leaving the knights with a number of tokens depending on how many levels within the boss stratum they participated in. The following types of tokens can be obtained this way:

Boss Tokens
Token Description Boss
Token-Almirian Seal.png Almirian Seal: A seal from the lost kingdom of Almire, proof that the keeper braved the ever-burning abyss known as the Firestorm Citadel. Lord Vanaduke and Darkfire Vanaduke
Token-Bark Module.png Bark Module: A special circuit board developed by gremlin engineers designed to enhance both the bark and bite of the Roarmulus Twins. Roarmulus Twins and Red Roarmulus Twins
Token-Frumious Fang.png Frumious Fang: A long, razor-sharp tooth plucked from the mouth of a Snarbolax; a memento representing a Knight's triumph over the monstrous stalker of the Gloaming Wildwoods. Snarbolax and Rabid Snarbolax
Token-Jelly Gem.png Jelly Gem: Typically only carried by jelly royalty, these squishy gems are the official currency of the jelly kingdoms. Though highly prized by the slimes, most creatures simply eat them as they are quite delicious. Royal Jelly and Ice Queen

The amount of Tokens you receive is highly dependent on where your starting expedition is and what location it is. Normal Bosses will give out one to four Tokens based on your starting point where-as Shadow Lair Bosses will give twice the normal amount; six to eight.

On a regular completion, the player will receive three Tokens on a full expedition but sometimes they will earn a fourth!

Boss 1 Token 2 Tokens 3 Tokens
Snarbolax Depth 6 Depth 5 Depth 4
Shadow of the Beast Depth 6 Depth 5 Mission Lobby
Royal Jelly Depth 16 Depth 15 Depth 14
The Sovereign Slime Depth 15 Depth 14 Mission Lobby
Roarmulus Twins Depth 16 Depth 15 Depth 14
Built to Destroy! Depth 16 Depth 15 Mission Lobby
Lord Vanaduke Depth 27 Depth 26 Depth 25

Treasure Box Tokens

When a treasure box is broken, there is a chance that a "spark" token can be dropped. The type of token dropped will match either the monster theme or the status theme of the level (which means most levels can drop two kinds of sparks); Treasure Troves can drop all types of sparks. The following types of tokens can be found in treasure boxes:

Token Description Dropped By
Token-Forge Spark.png Forge Spark: A small wisp of the essential spirit of technology and progress. It is of extreme value to the Spiral Order. Take it to the Token Trader in the Haven Bazaar! Construct, Gremlin, Fire, and Shock themed levels.
Token-Grim Spark.png Grim Spark: A small wisp of the essential spirit of darkness and decay. It is of extreme value to the Spiral Order. Take it to the Token Trader in the Haven Bazaar! Undead, Fiend, and Poison themed levels.
Token-Primal Spark.png Primal Spark: A small wisp of the essential spirit of nature. It is of extreme value to the Spiral Order. Take it to the Token Trader in the Haven Bazaar! Slime, Beast, and Freeze themed levels.

Krogmo Coins

A coin issued by the great King Krogmo to participants in his Coliseum. It can be exchanged for prizes from the Coliseum Rewards Supervisor.

Any Coliseum game played to completion will earn the participant 1 Krogmo Coin. This may be increased up to 7 Krogmo Coins by using the Krogmo Coin Boosters. Winning a match will earn the winning player or winning team an additional Krogmo Coin. Krogmo coins can be traded for special prizes from Sullivan, the Coliseum Rewards Supervisor found in the Haven Arcade.

  • Token-Krogmo Coin.png Krogmo Coin

Candy Tokens

A piece of candy made to celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival. It can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for various costume masks. All candy expires when the Dark Harvest Festival ends.

During the Dark Harvest Festival in-game event during October, candy tokens may be obtained from the Punkin King or purchased from Bulky. They can be traded for special costume helmets from Maskwell. These tokens expire at the end of the Dark Harvest Festival. The Brittle Candy is dropped by Grim Gourdlings, which come out of the heads of defeated Grim Scarabs.

Candy Tokens
Token Used to Purchase
Token-Sour Candy.png Sour Candy Phantom Mask costume line
Token-Sweet Candy.png Sweet Candy Spookat Mask costume line
Token-Hard Candy.png Hard Candy Frankenzom Mask costume line
Token-Brittle Candy.png Brittle Candy Scarab Mask costume line

Winterfest Tokens

Winter Wishes

A tiny wishlist created by one of the children of Emberlight. It signifies that you fulfilled their holiday wishes and saved Winterfest. Doesn't that just fill you with cheer?

During the Winterfest event in December, special tokens may be obtained from the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Save Winterfest!. They can be traded for special costume helmets and items from Randolph. These tokens expire at the end of Winterfest.

Wish Tokens
Token-Green Winter Wish.png Green Winter Wish Santy Pith Hat line
Token-Red Winter Wish.png Red Winter Wish Santy Sallet line
Token-White Winter Wish.png White Winter Wish Tailed Santy Hat line
Token-Blue Winter Wish.png Blue Winter Wish Round Santy Hat line


These tokens are found in Mysterious Rooms in the arcade during Winterfest.

Wishlist Token
Token-Frozen Winterfest Wishlist.png Frozen Winterfest Wishlist Presents and Confetti

Cake Slice

During the Caketastrophe in-game event celebrating anniversaries of Spiral Knights, Cake Slices can be obtained by completing the Total Caketastrophe! and A Gremlin in Knead prestige missions, clearing cake nests in the Clockworks or by purchasing them from Bulky. During Caketastrophe the Cake Slices can be traded for special costume helmets or for Anniversary Prize Boxes from Maskwell. The tokens expire after the event.

  • Token-Cake Slice.png Cake Slice

Ancient Page

A crumbling page torn from a long-forgotten grimoire of the Moorcroft Manor archives. The indecipherable language written upon it glows faintly in the dark as if containing power in its very words.

Ancient Pages that have been recovered from the stomach of the Black Kats or a reward from the Prestige Missions That Mold and Black Magic, Bad Luck and Brimstone, and Purr Terror during the Kataclysmic Confrontation event.

These Pages can be turned in at Moorcroft Manor to Montague for unique Kat-Themed rewards.

  • Token-Ancient Page.png Ancient Page

Apocrean Sigil

An otherworldly brand placed upon a soul claimed by the mysterious Apocrea. Removing it allows the captured soul to escape imprisonment within the terrible realm of the Apocrea.

During a limited time, Apocrean Sigils can be obtained by beating the prestige mission Shroud of the Apocrea. The Apocrean Sigils can be traded for special bounded materials to use in the Obelisk of Creation, a special alchemy machine.

  • Token-Apocrean Sigil.png Apocrean Sigil

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