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Lockdown Classes: Recon, Guardian and Striker

Lockdown is a PvP arena in King Krogmo's Coliseum where Knights battle for domination of control points while eliminating their opponents by standard means: Swords, Bombs, and Guns.

Lockdown Arena

All weapons are available in this head-to-head brawl, in which Knights are divided into two teams to score points by taking over capture points or attack opposing team players. However, the shield function is replaced by unique "class modification" abilities: Strikers get a speed bonus, Guardians an area shield, and Recons invisibility. Each class receives bonuses and penalties relating to their role.

The entry fee is 200 crowns, and players must wait in queue until there are both enough knights for the next match, and space in the available instances. If a player chooses to drop out of the queue, the entry fee will be refunded. Players can nominate to play in random teams or Guild teams, and will be assigned to the Tier 1, 2, or 3 arena depending on the the star level of their highest rated equipment (see loadouts).

Leader Boards for Lockdown show the highest-scoring individuals (Global list) as well as Guilds (Guilds list) and are found on the "Leader Boards" tab of the PvP interface. They display the highest scores for the USA or European servers depending on which server a knight is currently connected to. The cumulative weekly scores for the leaderboard are reset on Sunday.

Game Modes


Lockdown currently has two game modes:

Random Team

Players are placed in a random team of 4 to 6 players, in which the sole purpose is to gain and keep control points to score influence for your team.

Guild Team

Players can open a slot for themselves and guild mates to battle another guild team. Players can join guild teams already being formed by simply pressing the ‘Guild’ tab within the Coliseum interface.


Score in Lockdown is gathered via control points (CPs). While a CP is captured, it will automatically generate score for its controlling team. The match ends when a team has accumulated 500 score (for maps with 3 CPs), 900 score (for maps with 5 CPs), or when time expires, at which point the team with the highest score wins. Every 5 seconds, each team gains score based on the number of CPs it controls.

In a 3-point map:

  • 5 score for one CP
  • 8 score for two CPs
  • 9 score for three CPs

In a 5-point map:

  • 5 score for one CP
  • 9 score for two CPs
  • 12 score for three CPs
  • 14 score for four CPs
  • 15 score for five CPs


Initially, all CPs are entirely neutral, which will be indicated by a gray hologram above the CP. Once a knight steps onto it, a ring of that knight's team color will begin expanding from the middle of the CP. When it reaches the outer ring, the CP is captured and will count towards that team's score after the 10-second scoring cycle passes (as opposed to scoring immediately). Multiple knights of the same team on the CP will accelerate the rate of capture, whereas any knights of the opposite team will prevent it entirely.

If a CP is already controlled by Team 1, Team 2 must first stand on it to shrink Team 1's ring back to the center. The CP will become neutral and generate no score, and a ring of Team 2's color will then begin expanding. As with initial capture, multiple knights of the same team will accelerate the rate of "stealing" the point.


Defeated knights will wait in the rolling respawn queue. Knights respawn once their respawn timer reaches 0. They will often, but not always, respawn at the same time.

Knights will spawn after 7-22 seconds and is based on what time the Knight has died. You will always spawn when the timer reaches x:01, x:16, x:31, or x:46. Alternatively, one can choose to use a Spark of Life to respawn instantly.


Strike Booster statistics


Icon class striker.png

Special Ability: Striker Dash

  • Activating this ability allows you to sprint for 3 Seconds.


  • Sword Attack Speed Increase: Medium
  • Sword Damage Bonus: Medium


  • Health penalty: -3 (Base Health: 2)
  • Bomb Charge Time Increase: Very High
Guardian Shield statistics


Icon class guardian.png

Special Ability: Guardian Shield

  • Activating this ability creates a shield of protection for you and any of your teammates in its radius (instantly for you, and after 1 second for your allies)
  • Any damage you or your allies take is blocked by the shield, but be warned, this may also cause your shield to break faster! Once broken, the shield will begin to slowly regenerate itself after a delay of ~6-8 seconds.
  • The Guardian Shield also slowly regenerates lost health for you and any teammates within its radius.


  • Health Bonus +9 (Base Health: 14)
  • Sword Attack Speed Increase: Low
  • Bomb Charge Time Reduction: Low


  • Gun Attack Speed Decrease: Low


Recon Cloak Statistics
Icon class recon.png

Special Ability: Cloaking, Disruption Field

  • Activating this ability causes you to turn invisible for a period of time. The cloak may be broken by overuse, one hit will not break it, but sustaining multiple hits will. Once broken, the cloak will slowly begin to regenerate after a delay of ~3 seconds.
  • While invisible, you project a "pulse" every few seconds that will give a "Recon Mark" status effect to any enemy it hits
  • Any enemy player hit by one "Recon Mark" gets a warning, but no other negative effects are applied
  • Any enemy player with a "Recon Mark" who is hit by another pulse receives a "Death Mark" and has their defense removed for five seconds!


  • Health Bonus +7 (Base Health: 12)
  • Charge Time Reduction: Medium
  • Gun Attack Speed Increase: Medium
  • Bomb Charge Time Reduction: Medium


  • Sword Attack Speed Decrease: Low

Note: Charge Time Reduction applies to all weapons. The sum Bomb Charge Time Reduction for Recon is therefore Very High.


Loadouts are a saved combination of gear, and multiple configurations can be saved for different purposes, including Non-PVP. Loadouts marked for PVP can be switched inside the respawn area, but can only be edited while in towns such as Haven. A loadout may store a specific set for each specialty (swordmaster, gunslinger, etc.), cover a particular elemental loadout to help adapt to the opposing team, or provide a quick change of defensive sets, among other uses.

The star level of all current equipment, along with all equipment in PvP-enabled loadouts, determines the tier that a knight plays in. If the highest star value of all these items is 4 or 5, the knight will play in tier 3; if the highest is 2 or 3, they will play in tier 2. Tier 1 covers 0-star and 1-star maximums.

Hardcore Mode

On January 20th, 2017, a new event called Hardcore Mode was introduced to Lockdown. At specific times, the event disables Auto-target to Lockdown participants, making matches more difficult.

Since it's inclusion, Hardcore Mode has been positively received, and changes have been added, such as the control points having obstacles that make it tough for participants taking control in them.


By default, each knight on the winning team receives 2 Krogmo Coins and 280 crowns, with each knight from the losing team receiving 1 Krogmo Coin and no crowns. Certain teams or an individual may be awarded according to the bribe, if a bribe was made for that round.

Each knight also gains a number of Lockdown rank points equal to their team's score divided by five or nine for three- and five-point matches, respectively, up to a maximum of 100. In a typical match where one team meets the 500- or 900-point goal before time runs out, each knight on that team will get 100 rank points. However, it is possible for neither team to get 100 rank points if the timer expires before either team meets the goal.

Rank points act as a score for a knight and will show up on the Leaderboards tab of the Krogmo's Coliseum interface. Because rank points are awarded for every match won, they do not indicate a knight's skill level in Lockdown, but rather a rough measure of their Lockdown activity.

Three Lockdown leaderboards exist: one for individual knights, one for friends and one for guilds. Guild rank points are only earned by playing guild-versus-guild matches. In such matches, the guild earns a score equal to the sum of all knight's points, and as such, a guild-versus-guild match can earn the guild 600 points at most. The friend leaderboard simply illustrates where a knight stands in comparison to their friends. All three leaderboards are completely reset at midnight PST every Monday.


Lockdown Maps

There are currently 15 maps in the roster.

3-point maps

  • Forest (Release date: 09/14/2011. Based on Gloaming Wildwoods)
  • Furnace (Release date: 10/05/2011. Based on Firestorm Citadel, features Shadow Fire blocks that can be removed by throwing a globe of water.)
  • Reactor (Release date: 09/14/2011. Shock themed map, based on Clockwork Tunnels)
  • Frostbite (Release date: 12/12/2011. Freeze themed map, features snowballs that you can throw at your opponents and turn them into snowmen!)
  • Gardens (Release date: 05/14/2012. Based on Jigsaw Valley)
  • Mines (Release date: 06/28/2012)
  • Avenue (Release date: 12/12/2012. Released with 2012 Winterfest, also features snowballs that you can throw at your opponents and turn them into snowmen, but the ones in the center are guarded by a Slush Puppy, be warned!)
  • Icebox (Release date: 03/17/2017)
  • Pipeline (Release date: 03/30/2017)

5-point Maps

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