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Crimson Order insignia

The Crimson Order is a feared group of powerful gremlins; they alone are granted audience with King Tinkinzar. There are nine members within the mysterious as one interactive display before battling Warmaster Seerus says "The Nine see all, hear all.", in addition to the nine teeth on the gear in the symbol of the Order.

Known Current Members

Known Former Members


  • The symbol of the Crimson Order is a crimson wrench enclosed by a gear, on a silver and black shield.
  • Seerus's mask bears the symbol of the Crimson Order.
  • The last level of Compound 42 and Spark and Roar have a green Crimson Order insignia on the floor.
  • There seems to be much mutual violence in the Crimson order, since, as Seerus makes it seem, they send assassins to each other, and the Warmaster himself has created the Dark Retribution to defend himself against other members.
  • Razwog's body can be inspected after he is defeated; doing so will reveal that he has a strange Crimson symbol on his clothing.
  • According to the Recon Module of Spark and Roar mission, Herex no longer serves as one of the Nine.
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