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"We expect but nothing from you, so why do you expect from us?"

Guild Founder: Kazham
Approx. Population: 48

Guild Officer(s):
  • Fuzzlepan, Recruitment
Website: None
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Founded on November Third, 2011 at 5:11 PM Central Standard Time!

I'm New Here!

Ah, I see you have stumbled across the Crusade guild page! This is intended to be a nice guild that will allow everyone to play with anyone, and leave no reason for anyone to have to use a random group! Usually the Schedule section will have a sign up sheet for boss fights. The sheets will be divided into groups, and will do organized boss fun! Of course, now, not everyone needs to be organized here. The hopes are that when you log in, there will be someone in the guild willing to let you join them in the clockworks! If not, you can start a party and invite other guild members instead! The guild isn't big enough to live out this dream, but that is the goal.

How Do Ranks Work?

Well, very simply actually! You are promoted based on your activity in the guild, and your trolling on troll days.

God Founder
The founder is the person who created the guild. It is the highest rank in any guild, and has basically complete control. That is my, Kazham, roll.
Guild Master
This position is the backbone of the guild, and the founders personal advisers. They help keep the chat in line, and defeat the vicious evils of raged crusaders. There carefree, kind, and willing to troll you when it comes that time of the year.
Officers are the worker bees of the guild. You can not become an officer without directly applying, and becoming an officer means that you will do a specific job. A lot of people find doing a job fun, as it gives them something to do while they're not in the clockworks. They basically help with simple jobs like recruitment, amusement, or keeping my Spartan Warship Collection in tip-top shape stability!
These are the true crusaders! The ones who have stayed in the guild far and long! To get this positions means that you are an exceptionally active member, and are truley worthy of the rank you have received. This is the highest rank possible for an average member, unless you apply for an open job as an officer. We love all our veterans!
You are an active member of the chat, and have even tried making conversations and inviting us to your clockworks runs! To be a member means that you are the bees knees, and we respect that! Just keep doing what your doing, maybe even be more active, and you'll be a veteran in no-time. Members can be demoted to recruits should their activity decrease without warning.
These are the shy guys, the knights with nothing to say. To be a recruit means that you aren't active enough to be a member, usually these members will be let go. We try to keep an immensely social guild, and we don't want anyone who can not do that.

Our History

Sword Block.png

Enrich your minds with the most useless knowledge available, the history of a guild you may not even be in.

Code of Lawl

Yeah, this dump has rules too!

Shadow Block.png

Aside from the simple rule "Don't kill any of us in our sleep", we do have some... less drastic rules!

Except on Troll Day...
  • Try and help the other knights
  • Beggars can't be choosers!
You beg, you get kicked out/demoted. (If you are an officer, you beg, you'll be a veteran. If you are a recruit, and you beg, you'll be kicked out.)
  • Yelling "SPARTA" at players you kill in Lockdown is encouraged (but not required)!
  • Yelling "SPARTA" at monsters you will in the clockworks isn't encouraged, especially when you solo. It makes you look like a freak.
  • Kazham is the judge, jury, and executioner. All punishments must come through me first!
Officers can report a misbehavior to me via /whisper Kazham or mail, and I will guide them how to handle it.
  • If your butthurt, we're butthurt.
  • Do not make us butthurt
  • Your not allowed to know if you are sexy or not
  • Don't give money to beggers, they'll just come back. Like racoons...
  • Paradox = Bad
  • Never charge your lazor
  • 2012 isn't real
  • 2012 is real
  • Do not create a paradox, they're not cool.
  • Speak in the chat or be forever shunned

I have the right to add any rules I feel necessary. If there isn't a rule on here that you feel should be, please contact me!

Guild Roster

If a box doesn't open, it probably doesn't have anything in it!

Jelly Block.png

Guild Relations

Yeah, that's right. We know people too!


Usually you can talk to one of our recruitment officers, listen next to the name, or to me personally about joining. With the guild being new, we currently do not have any standards when recruiting. What we are looking for is mainly someone who understands how to play the game. At this point, we are also looking for someone who would like to be on the ground floor of guild development, to help with recruitment. Contact me in-game, or leave a message on the talk page to apply!

Special Positions

Recruitment Officer
No Open Slots
This is an officer position! We are looking for a capable, 3-5 star knight willing to help with the recruitment process. To get this position you will need to be interviewed! Everything you do will be examined during these interviews, including how you type.
1 Open Slots
This is an officer position! We are looking for a capable, 3-5 star knight who has a knack for economics. If you enjoy collecting and reselling recipes, this is for you! We want someone who can keep a nice stock of recipes to resell with a first priority for fellow crusaders!
Events Organizer
No Open Slots
This is an officer position! We are looking for a capable, 3-5 star knight who enjoys planning events! We want someone who can get the word out that events are happening, and help us schedule them. You will need to be interviewed, your typing and attitude will not be monitored, but may be considered at a later date.
Head Officer
No Open Slots
It has become apparent to me after the behaviors of Fightya and Killya that we need someone to keep the other officers in line. We have few rules, and it is a shame that those two broke all of them. They are sense no longer in the guild, but I just would like to make sure everything turns out for the best. This job requires you to be well disciplined, as well as open-heated and funny. Trustworthy knights are requested for this job to keep other officers in line!

Screenshot Gallery

A gallery of our awesome adventures!

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