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Nickname: Roco
Joined: Around April 31st, After The Preview Event but Before the Haven Expansion.
Armor Set: Vog
Guild: Crusade
Rank/Affiliation: God Founder
Lockdown Class: Striker
Favorite Weapon:

Gran Faust

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About Me

Hi! I'm Kazham, though my friends call me Roco (As it is the username I use on every other game, yet just happened to be taken when I came to join here). I joined before the Haven Expansion, but after the preview event. I found the game while browsing Wowhead, a database website for another video-game. I am so happy the advertisement was there, as this is a good game. Originally I downloaded it, and never really got around to playing it. After a few months, I went through my computer to clear some space and noticed the game. I decided to try it a second time, and have loved it sense! Thank you for reading this, as it is rather boring. Atleast... it was boring for me to type... ಠ_ಠ

My Goals in Spiral Knights

  • Make a Guild - Success!
  • Kill Vanaduke...
  • Kill Darkfire Vanaduke (Preferably with said guild)
  • Obtain the Almirian Crusader Set
  • Profit (Trolololo)

Icon-sword.png Weapons


I've got super fast, and super slow :)

  • Equipment-Cold Iron Carver icon.png Cold Iron Carver
    • Currently working on upgrading this! I have 0/800 CE and have not got the recipe!



  • Equipment-Proto Bomb icon.png None

Icon-armor.png Armor

Normal Armor

Costume Armor


  • Equipment-Dark Thorn Shield icon.png Dark Thorn Shield
    • Currently working on upgrading this! :) I am at 325/800 CE and have the recipe and all materials!


Icon-accessory.png Accessories


  • Icon-accessory-helmet top.png None



  • Icon-accessory-armor aura.png None

Icon blastup.png King Krogmo's Coliseum Ratings

Blast Network

Personal Score: 0... I don't do this enough...

Guild Score: I'm not in a guild! XD


Personal Score: 0... LAWL

Guild Score: Lawl, I'm not in a guild XD

Fan Art

Is the guild logo really considered Fan Art? Eh, I drew it, may as well be!

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