Fiendish Ur Glyph

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Fiendish Ur Glyph
Crafting-Fiendish Ur Glyph.png

The Fiendish Ur Glyph is a 3-star material.


A fragment of a Fiendish ID Card. Combining five different glyphs into an ID Card will allow you to open the Grim Gate in the Ancient Grove.



This material was introduced with release 2014-02-26 during the first March of the Tortodrones event.

Crafting-Fiendish Amu Glyph.png Amu, Crafting-Fiendish Nok Glyph.png Nok, Crafting-Fiendish Sol Glyph.png Sol, Fiendish Tor Glyph Tor, and Crafting-Fiendish Ur Glyph.png Ur are related to each other regarding the ID card as well as in name. There are relationships between groups of fiends hinted at elsewhere in Cradle. Examples include "Amu-Sol" in the Interface-icon-PvE.png Dangerous Mission: Heart of Ice and devilite plans for Trojans in the 8-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Return of Ur.


This material is used to craft the Crafting-Fiendish ID Card.png Fiendish ID Card.

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