Fiendish ID Card

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Fiendish ID Card
Crafting-Fiendish ID Card.png

The Fiendish ID Card is a 3-star material.


Using this will allow you to open and pass through the Grim Gate in the Ancient Grove.



The alchemy cost for this 3-star item is 10,000 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Fiendish ID Card.

Name Amount
Crafting-Fiendish Amu Glyph.png Fiendish Amu Glyph 5
Crafting-Fiendish Ur Glyph.png Fiendish Ur Glyph 5
Crafting-Fiendish Tor Glyph.png Fiendish Tor Glyph 5
Crafting-Fiendish Nok Glyph.png Fiendish Nok Glyph 5
Crafting-Fiendish Sol Glyph.png Fiendish Sol Glyph 5

Note: This material is acquired bound when crafted. Trade glyphs beforehand!


This material was introduced with release 2014-02-26 during the first March of the Tortodrones event.

It is more like a key than a material, but it is stored in the material section of the player's arsenal. It and Sprite Food are the only materials in the game that have a crafting recipe.

It is suggested that a card be used with four people in the party to maximize this somewhat expensive object's use.


Unlock the Grim Gate in the lobby of the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: March of the Tortodrones.

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