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"Grouping" is a colloquial term that may refer to:

  • "Bundle"
Items are released together, acquiring the bundle or package grants the player all items in the package at once or in very quick succession. Such bundles are usually announced by game staff.
Example: Deluxe Starter Pack
  • "Collection"
Applies to related Promotion items, Prize Box items, and/or any items that share similar color patterns with similar methods of acquisition.
Example: contents of the Dark Harvest Prize Box
Entities share similar themes and other aspects. This context is almost entirely user-based.
Example: Culinary Family
Items are very obviously related because they share similar names. For combat equipment, stats are the same between armor and helm. With the exception of the Divine Veil, abilities are shared as well. Sometimes combat sets include a shield with same type defenses.
Example: Grouping/Angelic
Items are related to each other because they are upgraded into the next star level from the previous star level.
Example: Magic Hood/alchemy path


Items can be related in other ways, but these are generally less distinct. They are usually in a category of some kind, such as "Weapons that can inflict Shock."

A given set or bundle does not have its own category because sets and bundles are usually too small to warrant a category.

The above terms are generally colloquial, the context that defines them can be official, semi-offical, or unofficial. "Official" simply means that the context is somehow derived from staff via posts, support requests, and so on.

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