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The first thing you will need before creating a guild page is a guild. Make sure you have one before setting up a page.

Creating the Page

When creating a Guild Page proper naming convention must be observed on this wiki. If you have the guild "Example" the Guild Page for it will be "Example (Guild)". Failure to follow this naming convention will result in your page being moved and/or deleted without warning.

Guild pages must also appear in Category:Guilds. Certain guild templates accomplish this automatically, but if the page is of unique design, then [[Category:Guilds]] must be added manually.

Otherwise, guild pages are free format within the Spiral Knights Terms of Service and editors treat them under the Help:Pseudo Personal Space Protocol guidelines.

The easiest way to create a new guild page is to follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're logged into the wiki. Your account name will show up at the top of the page if you are logged in.
  2. In the left side nav bar, there is a search box. In that box type in your guild name followed by (Guild). For example My Super Special Knights (Guild). Then hit the "Go" button.
  3. You should get a page saying there's no page titled that and a red linked "create this page." Click on "create this page."
  4. This will get you to an editing screen where you will create your guild's page. There is a preview button that will help you see what you're doing and you can always ask specific questions here as many other editors would be happy to help you out. When you feel like you've done enough for now, hit the "Save" button. If the wiki complains about a loss of session data when you hit the "Save" button, just click on the "Save" button a second time and that should work.

Guild Info Template

The most commonly used template on the Guild Pages is Template:GuildInfo. Using the template adds consistency among all the guild pages and adds a polished appearance to the page and will automatically add the page to Category:Guilds.

This template includes a spot for a guild logo, motto, guild founder, population, Guild Masters, and Officers. Using the Template is rather simple, just copy paste the basic template into the beginning of your page. Some of the variables, such as Guild Masters and Officers, are optional. Just remember that the image should not be too wide (about 300px maximum is best) and the default image type for it is .png, but that can be changed through a variable if needed.

Here's the code you can copy & paste to your editing screen. If you are using the optional variables, remove the (optional). If you do not wish to use them, you can omit those lines.

|name = GuildName
|motto = Motto
|founder = FounderName
|masters = (optional)
|officers = (optional)
|pop = #

There are some optional lines that you can add to the template code depending on what things you want to do:

|type = gif

(optional if you wish to use a non-png image)

|logosize = ##

(optional if you wish to resize your guild logo, use only numbers)

|website = (optional)

Other Things to Add

Make the guild page informative. Think of headings to add to make your page easy to view and informative to a reader. Popular section are:

  • Guild Summary - What is the purpose of the guild's existence?
  • How To Join - People are always asking, might as well write it down. If a guild is not recruiting, this is also a good place to say so.
  • Guild Rules - How people get promoted and how a knight is expected to conduct oneself within the guild.
  • Guild Roster - A simple listing of the current knights in the guild. use of the Showhide Template is expected here.

Other Ideas

You can also look at other guild pages and click on the "edit" tab to see what kind of code they use to get what you see on the page (just don't change things & hit save, you can just hit back or close the window after looking for what you need without changing a page by unintentionally). Need Help?

There's a Wiki Editors forum where you can ask for help in the Won't you please, please help me? thread.

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