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This protocol describes how users should behave when editing "pseudo personal space" that is not associated with their account.

Certain changes have to be made to maintain the wiki project. Edits are considered justified if they are in accordance with this protocol.

The following are considered to be pseudo personal space:

  • Any pages and subpages in the Userspace (does not include User talk)
  • Pages with (Guild) in the title. See Category:Guilds.
  • All other pages, entities, and/or namespaces are not considered by this protocol.


Before editing, be sure another user is not actively working on a page to avoid edit conflicts. A safe bet is to see if a user has not edited the page for at least 24 hours.

It is best to avoid disrupting the "look" of the user's page. Instead of replacing the issue with empty space (removal), update the page with the most current linking, file, etc. so the page appears to be unchanged. Sometimes conflict and/or effort is too great, so removal of the issue is an appropriate solution.

Before saving changes, remember to provide a concise description in the summary box. Always refer to the appropriate section(s) in this protocol - this will likely suffice as the edit summary.

Reasons to Edit


This protocol specifically pertains to pseudo personal space. It should not be used as a reference for edits made to pages which are not considered by this protocol. See other topics covered by the Style Guide instead.

It is a social taboo to edit pseudo personal space that is not associated with your account.[1] It is assumed that each edit made by a user to their pseudo personal space is of their volition and intentional. Pages considered to be pseudo personal space in the Spiral Knights Wiki are free format within the Spiral Knights Terms of Service as long as they do not interfere with the wiki project.[2] But certain changes - reasons to edit, described above - simply have to be made.

Out of respect for the individual, the Spiral Knights editor community has created this protocol. Its purpose is to provide a reference for justifying edits, as well as to educate editors about acceptable behavior in the userspace. If you disagree with edits made to your page(s), but they are justified by this protocol, do not "make a fuss" or fight editors regarding the changes. We are often enforcing standards set by game staff, as they mostly leave the wiki to volunteers after describing what we can and can't do. Staff has also stated that developing this protocol is up to the community.[3]

Users are using this wiki's service, and do not own any pages on a wiki.[4] Furthermore, ...a user cannot avoid administrator attention or appropriate project notices and communications by merely demanding their talk page is not posted to. [5]

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