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|name       = {{PAGENAME}}
|monster    = {{Monster_Icons|FAMILY}} 
|status     = {{Status|NAME}}
|soundtrack =
|level      =

== Description ==
{{Quote|DESCRIPTION|Gate Icons}} 

-provided by gate map icon. If there is no description, say "{{Quote|No gate icon description for this region.}}"

== Characteristics ==
Level style (fixed or random).

Arcade behavior, if anything is significant.

Brief summary of monster population.

Mention any important exploration entities.

Mention background(s). 
- Use the same wording as other region pages so users can search for something such as:
"The background is a starry night sky dome with moon bulbs" 
and instantly find all regions with that background.

Mention other places with similar terrain and/or decorations (decorations are sometimes exploration entities).

== Lore ==
*Any official lore. Do not include speculation. Direct quotes from admins and/or in-game text only. 

*Only include modules here if they are always found in every level of a region, no matter if they are a mission or in the arcade. 
Otherwise, include them in the level's geography subpage.

== Notes ==
Any other interesting things.

=== History ===
*{{release|DATE}}: blahblah

== Gallery ==

== See Also ==
{{exploration see also}}



  • Use showhide=yes in the infobox above the "level" parameter for regions that have a very large number of levels.
  • A list of official soundtracks is located on the Soundtrack page. Listen carefully, and pay attention to song looping. We don't usually include "mini" sessions such as the music that plays during important fights, this information is explicitly for the overall levels encompassed by the region.
  • If the region has a description, it can be found by mousehovering over the gate map icon. This description usually applies to all levels encompassed by that region.
  • Only mention monster and status themes if they are a major aspect of the level. Silkwings are everywhere, this doesn't mean we put the fiend icon in the status section of the infobox.

Geography "Subpages"

Geography subpages allow editors to seamlessly link region and mission pages together. They have a unique format that can be "plugged" into pages as needed, and this visually separates them from other pages as well. They permit a massive amount of data to be displayed without distracting from the mission or region pages.

Include information modules and other oddities in the Notes section of a region page only if they show up in every level (as they do with Wolver Dens, etc.) Otherwise put this information in the appropriate geography subpage.

The naming convention of these subpages is a bit tricky:

  • Always favor arcade naming convention over mission floor naming convention. The arcade was there first for many regions and levels, and it is the most consistent with its naming convention. Many missions use special names for the same levels for story purposes, and the same level can be used under a different floor name for different missions. An explanation of more differences can be read here.
  • To avoid potentially horrible disambiguation issues, the geography subpages are named "Region/Level" unless they are mission exclusive, then they are "Mission/Level."

See Also

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