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That's What She Said (Banner drawings by Chiorix)

Guild Founder: Swarleysparkles, Sciasz
Approx. Population: ~170

Guild Summary

Impervious is a very laidback guild that is currently looking to build an active, strong and mature community of T3 players who are friendly, helpful and just want to have fun. We have a great core group of players (quite a large group of older players along with some young'ins in the mix) but are always looking to have other like-minded individuals join our unique and unparalleled community.

In general, Impervious...

  • Is a safe and fun community guild where members can play, socialize and chat about Spiral Knights including tips and strategies, and other interests
  • We do a variety of runs, help each other out with clearing clockworks and bosses when possible, do T3 basil runs to obtain recipes for members, occasionally do guild pvp for fun, as well as answering questions with our combined SK knowledge/experience on topics in-game or off
  • We will not force or harass members to play or to do anything unless they want to

All in all, we believe people play games to have fun. So here at Impervious, we don't take things too seriously...BUT, we still thrive to have an order and can get stuff done to provide a fun and engaging experience for all.

Furthermore, Impervious is a guild that runs itself and thrive on members who like to take initiative to make the community and their experience a good one - the GMs/Officers are on quite often but mainly only step in when needed and to play all the same (no real hierarchy here). Members may not be up to play all the time as we all have lives which comes first and we respect that, but when members are up to play, you know they would be good for it :)

Guild Members


  • Our ranking system is determined by a number of factors, including participation in the guild, activity and skill as determined by the guild masters.

How to Join

We are ONLY considering applications and recruiting through our forum thread thread (so please do not mail GMs/Recruitment Officers your applications) and if we feel you could be a good fit with us, a GM/Recruitment Officer will followup with a friend request for a chat/interview. However if you don't hear back within 1 week of the date posted, your application has been declined.

1) In-Game Name (IGN):

2) Timezone:

3) Star of Gear:

4) Do you play SK through Steam or have it? (We have a steam group where we post announcements):

5) When did you start playing SK?

6) What other guilds have you been a member of? Why did you leave them or think of leaving?

7) How often do you play?

8) Are you more of a PvE or PvP player? What do you usually do with your time on SK?

9) We are a largely international guild with people from all across the globe. What is your main language?

10) How did you hear of Impervious and why do you want to join? Do you know someone from our guild?

11) What do you look for in a guild and how do you think you can help and contribute?

12) In your opinion, what does Impervious mean to you (for example as a guild, the word, etc)?

13) Tell us more about yourself (optional)

NOTE: Lately we have been receiving many applications where if we covered the names, almost all applications look identical. This was problematic as we cannot tell who really wants to be apart of our community and those who are taking a chance at applying to any guild. With this, know that good applications help; despite the small form, it is easy to tell the people who have shown they have spent a considerable amount of time and thought put into their application. With the guild update, we do have a 300-member limit but know we will not even fill half of the slots as we're really aiming for quality over quantity (!). Any mature, active, skilled players are most welcome to express their interest as we want to continue to build and expand our community of friends, so if you feel like you would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to give us a shout :)


From Team Impervious


Screenshot Gallery

Guild Portrait - Event 7 - April 15
Guild Party - Event 7 - April 15
Spontaneous Impervious Heart Portrait - March 25
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