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Hello, I am Xanisher of the guild Impervious. If you stumbled upon this page, it means you have accidentally hit my name while wiewing a page revision. *ponders* Well then, lemme show you the exit. *opens door*

Oh, you want to know more about me? Ok then. Keep reading below...


I started playing Spiral Knights around October 2011. I actually went on hiatus in January 2013, but returned five months later. Now I mostly spend my time stalking the wiki and fooling around on Shadow Lairs with friends. :3 I'm okay with people PMing me, sending me in-game and such, but for the over-persistent contacters, just not cool. It's been happening too much. @_@.



If you haven't noticed from my relentless editing of the Gunslinger Guide, yes, I specialize in gunning. Way before the talks of the gunner update, gunning was pretty fun, and I guess it still is, last time I checked. Welp, here it is:


Me? Not great with swords, but I always keep one handy when I need to job done quick. I like the Brandish line, so usually that's what equipped when I go to FSC. But there are other situations.


Well I rarely use bombs, but I had to say, these were exceptions, so whatever works for me made the cut.


Don't blame me for this but: I pick up helmets for looks. However, before you judge me, I'm covered for every situation. So back off. :P



The armors I have amassed in my inventory are for actual defense, because I'm not that ridiculous.



My shields well, what to say? They keep me safe I guess?

Unique Variants

Charge Time Reduction: Low
Damage Bonus vs. Undead: Very High
Attack Speed Increase: Very High
Charge Time Reduction: High
Damage Bonus vs. Slimes: High
Attack Speed Increase: Medium
Charge Time Reduction: Maximum!
Damage Bonus vs. Beasts: Medium
Attack Speed Increase: Very High
Charge Time Reduction: Low
Damage Bonus vs. Gremlins: Medium
Attack Speed Increase: Medium
Attack Speed Increase: Ultra
Damage Bonus: Low
Increased Elemental Defense: Medium
Increased Normal Defense: Maximum!


Here I have listed my greatest achievements with accompanying screenshots (coming soon).

Cradle and All

I was able to complete Depths 1 thru 28 without stopping or dying. (Amber Rook Gate).

Set Worn:

20K Damage in Lockdown

Had 20k damage in one game without AA on. (LOL I PRO XD.)

Set Worn:

Shadow Lair Solos

Was able to solo the Snarbolax SL twice, Ice Queen, and RRT.

Rabid Snarbolax Set(s)

  • First Run= *
  • Second Run= **

Ice Queen Set

Red Roarmulus Set

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