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Knights of Equestria
GuildLogo-Knights of Equestria.png

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Guild Founder: Espeonage
Approx. Population: 230/250 - Jan. 17
Guild Master(s):
  • Espeonage
Guild Officer(s):
  • Xedma - (Active)
  • Star-Swirl-Harmony - (Active)
  • Kitteninja-Yuri
  • Ptmc - (Active)
  • Guitarknight
  • Spireo
  • Unity


<Knights Of Equestria> - Guild Information!

Guild Activity

Recent Changes

  • Recipe storage is now open. You can buy rare recipes for standard vendor prices.
    Check the list of available recipes below!

KoE Applejack 1.png

Application & Registration

Interested in joining us? If you haven't been informed yet, it's simple.

  • To apply for Knights of Equestria, mail an Officer rank or higher an application. This mail may contain anything that you -the applicant- desire to write, aside from why you'd like to join. Don't shrug it off, though!


  • Recruit rank will be carried for a 1 week minimum.
  • Before Member rank, you also need to send a mail containing the Rules of Conduct to an official! -See below to review them-

- <KoE>



A longtime-running and fairly sizable guild in-game, KoE was founded during the special access weekend previous to the public release of Spiral Knights. The nomenclature of the guild has been based off the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, and though times are often sparse with the game's community, we are definitely a very friendly guild to be a part of.


Our aim here in KoE is to aid fellow guildies as they progress through the game, and of course, have fun! We've seen many members go from each end of the spectrum and beyond, many having expressed that they would have either gotten bored or quit had they never entered into the guild. The older members can often pass on their knowledge, help, and experiences.

Along the way, we hope that you enjoy your time in the guild, and make some good acquaintances - there are some very kind-hearted members out there who are gems to know.


KoE talking elements.png

Rules of Conducts

General guidelines, consisting of agreeable conducts and policies.

  • Be nice towards other guild members.
  • Have regard for others - be mindful!
  • Guild storage is an item hub for one another to utilize. Do not withdraw these items to sell!
  • If you can spare it, donate to help maintain guild Upkeep.
  • We encourage helping each other out. If you want help with a run, then ask for it. DO NOT SPAM INVITE TO RUNS!
  • Do not use the guild chat as a market place. Send pms to discuss fair trades or loans. Respect loans you make!
  • Begging will not be tolerated! Please advise against it.
  • Keep it in mind to mention boss-series recipes that pop up on Basil's list; you never know when a guildie may need one!


KoE Rarity 1.png

- An overview of what the guild's ranks regard; it is not a specific categorization of a role, nor should you feel obliged to meet a "role." -

  • Recruit - They've just started, or are new to the guild. Get to know them! Returning members may likely skip this rank.
  • Member - Established members of the guild, consisting of the bulk of the guild.
  • Veteran - Used when clocking time editing the Guild Hall.
  • Officer - They possess aptitude for the necessary tasks. If there's something you need pertaining to the guild, just ask them!


KoE Fluttershy 1.png


  • Our thread on SK forums if you want to pitch in.

Recipe Storage

Recipes are in Officer storage, so contact any officer to get what you need. Prices are here. Money will go to Guild Treasury.
Please, don't take a recipe just to resell it

Guild List

An easy-to-parse list of all of the guildies, concurrent Dec. 8, 2012.

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