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The guild Lancer Knightz has a long-running project to collect data on the speed and damage of various weapons. If you'd like to help, then please contact Donkeyhaute.

The following table shows two kinds of data about handgun charges: how fast the user can move while charging the gun, and how many charges per minute (CPM) the gun allows.

The Dash and Penalty columns show movement speed data. To collect such data, the tester goes to the train platform on the west side of Moorcroft Manor, with no movement speed increase or decrease. The tester runs from the north end of the platform to the south end three times, with the gun charged. The average of the three times is shown in the Dash column. When not charging a weapon, this dash takes a baseline 6.8 seconds. The Penalty column shows how much longer than baseline the measured dash time is; it's a measure of how much charging the gun slows down the user.

The 0 to +6 columns of the table contain CPM data. To collect such data, the tester goes to a safe area, such as Moorcroft Manor. For each level of charge time reduction (CTR), the tester executes charge attacks for a minute straight against thin air. Each test is repeated until it seems to settle on a single answer for the CPM. However, even then the results should be regarded as approximate. Also, we should note that all tests are carried out with ASI+6, because ASI has a small effect on charge attack speed. For example, Callahan CTR+4 does 16 charges per minute at ASI+1, but 17 charges per minute at ASI+6.

Name Damage Dash Penalty 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
Valiance normal 9.1 34% 20 21 23 24.5
Volcanic Pepperbox normal
Neutralizer normal
Supernova normal
Iron Slug normal
Callahan piercing 13.8 103% 17 18 19
Blitz Needle piercing 9.1 34% 14 15 16 16.5 17.5
Plague Needle piercing
Polaris elemental 9.2 35% 21 22.5 25
Argent Peacemaker elemental 9.2 35% 13 14 14.5
Storm Driver elemental
Magma Driver elemental
Hail Driver elemental 9.1 34% 21 23 25
Nova Driver elemental 9.1 34% 21 23 25
Umbra Driver shadow 9.2 35% 19 20 21 23 25
Biohazard shadow 9.2 35% 31 33 34 36 37
Sentenza shadow 9.2 35% 13 14 14.5

Some remarks:

  • Based on the data collected thus far, the average decrease in charge time for each level of CTR seems to be about 6.3%.
  • Wow — charging Callahan makes you move slowly.
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