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The guild Lancer Knightz has a long-running project to collect data on the speed and damage of various weapons. If you'd like to help, then please contact Donkeyhaute.

An almost-combo is a combo that stops one stroke short. Gunners perform almost-combos frequently, to avoid reloading. Claims have been made that almost-combos lead to high DPS on swords as well. So let's collect data about how many almost-combos per minute (APM) a sword can perform, and what sort of DPS this generates against each monster family. To keep the table manageable, let's study just ASI+6. See also our combos per minute data.

Name Damage APM Slimes Gremlins Beasts Fiends Undead Constructs
Leviathan Blade normal
Cold Iron Vanquisher normal
Dread Venom Striker normal
Wild Hunting Blade normal
Sudaruska normal
Triglav normal
Barbarous Thorn Blade piercing
Final Flourish piercing
Fearless Rigadoon piercing
Furious Flamberge piercing
Warmaster Rocket Hammer elemental
Divine Avenger elem+norm
Fang of Vog elem+norm
Voltedge elem+norm
Combuster elem+norm
Glacius elem+norm
Acheron shad+norm
Gran Faust shad+norm
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