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This page contains the words that Three Rings defines as curse words for the purposes of the Spiral Knights chat filters. Recently the various language curse filters were combined; this has caused some issues, such as not being able to say "brochure," which are being looked into.


The information here is provided for reference only. Use of these words in public or via unwanted tells in the game can be basis for other players to ignore you, or submit a complaint. Misspelling the curse words to get around the filters are even more likely to get you in trouble. See the Terms of Service and Community Standards for further information.

If you want to test the filters, please do so in private in order to not offend others.

Final Warning

This page contains words which could be considered obscene and/or offensive. The obscene words that are filtered by the game are hidden.

If you do not want to see the potentially offensive curse words, DO NOT expand and highlight the section below.

Filtered words

Curse words that are optionally filtered

* indicates a wildcard. It will also change the suffix or prefix depending on where the "*" is placed

These are the words that are the "curse words" referred to in the chat filter options.

  • Drop chat messages with curse words. This removes the entire message if a curse word is found anywhere in the message.
  • Comic-ify the !%#@ing curse words. This will replace curse words with a random combination of !%@#$%&* as replacements.
  • None will not filter the words at all.

Curse words that are always filtered

A few words are always filtered, no matter what filter options you have selected. These words will make the entire message/line be dropped.

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