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When spoken to the first time during the 2-1 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: A Visit to the Lab:

Greetings, PLAYERNAME! I hear you've recently arrived in Haven from across the great chasm. While you were out there, did you encounter any of our battle sprites?
  • What's a 'battle sprite'?
Ah, that's right, you're a new recruit. Most knights encounter their first sprite on the battlefield. Chances are you've not had the opportunity to see one yet.

Allow me to explain...
  • Continue

After the intro, Morlin will repeat this part of the dialogue if spoken to again, either via repetition of the mission or if The Lab is entered from the Haven Garrison and the next rank missions are incomplete:

A battle sprite is an AI-driven construct capable of reconnaissance and light combat support. Battle sprites are highly adaptable. Their AI allows them to acutely observe their surroundings and aid their knight in the most optimal way.
  • Sounds very useful. How do I get one?
When a battle sprite is issued to a knight, a 'bond' is written into the sprite's code to support the knight no matter the circumstances. They will near leave your side!

Unfortunately, the cargo crates holding the Skylark's cache of battle sprites fell deep into the Clockworks after the crash.
  • How can I help, Morlin?
A recon squad has managed to track down where many of these battle sprites have landed. Rhendon has been sent ahead to scout out three of these sites and will meet up with you in the Clockworks.

You must secure our battle sprites before they fall into enemy hands!
  • Leave it to me, Morlin. I'll secure those sprites. (ends dialogue)
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