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Pandora's Lockbox (Guild)
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Motto (try to keep it < 64 characters)

Guild Founder: FabulousFae
Approx. Population: 27
Guild Master(s):

Chaosgit, Monsteerr

  • Chaosgit,
  • Monsteerr
  • FabulousFae

About Us

Formed in July 2012 we're a small but active guild. Many of our members can be found in the depths of Tier 3 in the Firestorm Citadel but we also spend time working to defeat the Jelly King and Roarmulus Twins.

Joining Us

We're looking for active players who have 2* equipment or better. We would appreciate it if you're able to join on a regular basis and welcome any English speaking players from across the globe.

We consider new members on skill and merit rather than strength. Good teamwork is just as important as having 5* equipment. We might invite people who are new to the game if they demonstrate good teamwork and skill on a level.

If you want to join then send a private message to any of our Guild Masters or our Officers.

Training Newbies

We're not currently recruiting those new to the game (who can only access Tier 1 levels) but many of our members are happy to answer your questions in Haven.

Why we don't recruit new players

First and foremost we don't hate newbies: we were all one once. We're always happy to help answer questions that new players might have in Haven or other common areas. Once in the Clockworks we prefer the more challenging levels of tier 2 and tier 3 which require player have at least 2* equipment.

We'd like to be able to play as a team and if you can't access tier 2 levels then this spoils some of the reasons for joining a guild. Another reason is that Spiral Knights is a big game and takes some time to get to grips with, the time spent gaining access to tier 2 is well spent learning about mining, trading, crafting and the finer points of the game.

Being a Guild Member


We ask that our guild members are mature and respectful not only of each other but also other players. This means that we frown on things like:

  • Swearing
  • Begging
  • Insulting other members

When on guild runs we ask that members:

  • Share health pills
  • Remember to revive your fellow guild members.
  • Drop any pickups and your vitapod before exiting the game


If there are any problems within the guild then complaints should be directed to the guild masters and warnings will be given. Any continued offences could led to demotion or ejection from the guild.


  • Recruit - You should have 2* equipment (helmet, armour and 2 weapons) or be invited
  • Member - You must have 3* equipment (helmet, armour and 2 weapons)
  • Veteran - You must have 4* equipment
  • Officer - You should have 5* equipment or demonstrate skill/teamwork on levels
  • Guild Master - You should have met all requirements and continued teamwork and dedication to the guild.

Guild Hierarchy

The list below is current as of July 24th 2012.

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