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Every memory, a Phantasm.

Founders: Neko-Sama & Bumu-Usagi
Approximate Population: Starter Recruitment Phase.
Guild Masters

Welcome to Phantasm! A guild dedicated to raising up those who wish to fight against the evils of Lord Vanaduke and Beyond! This section, along with this entire article, is under revision. Phantasm is a new guild and will be updating their information constantly!

About Phantasm

Phantasm's Focus

  • Helping our members get their desired gear to get to Tier 3
  • FSC, T3 Arenas and Shadow Lairs: Most of our time in the Clockworks is spent running laps through Firestorm Citadel, stomping through arena-laden Tier 3 gates, and taking on the toughest of the tough in the dark Shadow Lairs.
  • Getting new gear: Whether you are gearing up for the adversities that Tier 3 brings, trying to solo Jelly King or Vanaduke, defeating those pesky Skolvers in PvP, or showing off new costumes in haven, we are always willing to help. That includes going deep in the clockworks in the search for Basil even if he wants to troll us again with his recipes.


Joining Phantasm


We are currently recruiting all Knights with the minimum of Tier 2 access, who feel themselves confident in the Royal Jelly Palace. These members will be the quickest to gear up for our Vanaduke runs.

Why Should You Join

  • We are active and currently growing in numbers.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the Clockworks through numerous expeditions and research. Whether a Vanguard or a Squire, you may very well just learn a few things.
  • Our Veteran players will be dedicated to the game and it's people, whether skilled at PvP or PvE, they will do what they can to help the fallen and inexperience.
  • Are you a voice-chat user? We also plan on having a personal Ventrilo server for use. So go ahead and throw that old headset on and join in on the Guild Voice Chat!
  • We are a family! We joke around, share some laughs, and make fun of each other in a friendly way. If we are not in the Clockworks, we love keeping each other company in the Guild Hall.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining, please send an in-game message to one of our ranking Officers (including the Guild Leaders).(Questions marked with an Asterisk are required):

 • In-Game Name?* 
 • What are you looking for in a Guild?* 
 • What tier clearance do you have?* 
 • What time zone are you currently living in?* 
 • Do you play, or have you played any other MMOs?*
 • What role do you play as a Knight (e.g. Bomber, Sword-Bearer, or Gunner)* 
 • Where do you spend the majority of your time, in the Clockworks, or in King Krogmo's Coliseum?* 
 • How old are you? (approximations accepted)
 • Do you like Waffles?

Once your request has been seen, a ranking Officer will attempt to locate you in game to follow up.



- Guild Leader -

Phantasm was founded by Neko-sama and Bumu-Usagi, as such, the Guild Leader position will remain filled by these two Knights. Neko is in charge of information gathering and application whilst Bumu is in charge of Recruitment and being adorable.

- Officer -

The Officer positions in Phantasm have been reserved for those who have proven their allegiance and exceptional friendliness to the rest of the guild. A new officer is only brought into the Officer's Circle should the circle agree along with the Guild Leaders' suggestion. It is our intent to have an officer for each quarter of the day, to allow for full guild access at any hour.

- Veteran -

Our Veteran class of Knights are those who have proven their valor at dethroning Lord Vanaduke with ease. These Knights should be helpful to lower ranking Knights completing any mission and should provide a valuable asset in Vanaduke runs.

- Member -

Members of Phantasm are those who have completed a mission with a member of the Officer Circle. Members may or may not be fully geared for Firestorm Citadel runs, it is our intention to gear them as quickly as possible to come along.

- Recruit -

Recruit rank is the rank given to newly recruited members who have yet to prove their valiance in the Clockworks.

Code & Conduct

1. You must be active. Members who have been inactive for a month and a half without any warnings will be removed and sent an in-game message. We would like to promote an active community; however, we understand real life priorities trump in-game activity!

2. Be friendly and helpful to the community: This doesn’t apply only for the guild but also to all other Knights. Help does not always come in monetary form, and should be appreciated in whatever form it may take.

3. Do not be a leech: Nobody likes someone who begs, whines, and complains that they don't have, can't have, or will never have this, that, or the other. If you are here to try and score free stuff from members who are more better off then you, then you do not belong with us.

4. Most importantly, play for FUN! Phantasm in no way, shape, or form supports elitism. We are here to have fun on Cradle, afterall, that is why we've chosen to stay here!


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