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Icon for prestige.

Prestige is a point system that functions as a running score for players. Prestige points are accumulated by completing missions. Points can be earned from each daily prestige mission once every rotation. Each Rank and Expansion mission offers some prestige, only once. Prestige does not decrease in any way, nor can it be exchanged for items and so on.

Prestige is therefore an indicator of how much the player participates in missions, as well as how long they have been playing the game. Of course, these are assumptions, as increasing prestige score is an optional endeavor and there are many players who have been actively playing for a long time who do not have any interest in prestige.

Based on the amount of prestige the player's knight has, they may have a badge preceding their name that matches their personal color. Badges are awarded at 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 25,000, and 45,000 prestige.

A player's exact prestige is revealed below their name in the inspect window unless the player does not allow full inspect. In this case, the prestige is displayed as "Icon-Prestige Star.png 0," but the badge above their knight remains visible if they have earned one. Players can always view their own prestige this way, or in the mission interface in the upper right-hand corner.

An unofficial Prestige Leaderboard is available.


Various interfaces use a star to indicate prestige, while player names use the indicators below.

Color 5,000 10,000 15,000 25,000 45,000
Personal Color-Magenta.png Magenta Prestige Badge-5k-Magenta.png Prestige Badge-10k-Magenta.png Prestige Badge-15k-Magenta.png Prestige Badge-25k-Magenta.png Prestige Badge-45k-Magenta.png
Personal Color-Lavender.png Lavender Prestige Badge-5k-Lavender.png Prestige Badge-10k-Lavender.png Prestige Badge-15k-Lavender.png Prestige Badge-25k-Lavender.png Prestige Badge-45k-Lavender.png
Personal Color-Crimson.png Crimson Prestige Badge-5k-Crimson.png Prestige Badge-10k-Crimson.png Prestige Badge-15k-Crimson.png Prestige Badge-25k-Crimson.png Prestige Badge-45k-Crimson.png
Personal Color-Lake.png Lake Prestige Badge-5k-Lake.png Prestige Badge-10k-Lake.png Prestige Badge-15k-Lake.png Prestige Badge-25k-Lake.png Prestige Badge-45k-Lake.png
Personal Color-Red.png Red Prestige Badge-5k-Red.png Prestige Badge-10k-Red.png Prestige Badge-15k-Red.png Prestige Badge-25k-Red.png Prestige Badge-45k-Red.png
Personal Color-Vermillion.png Vermillion Prestige Badge-5k-Vermillion.png Prestige Badge-10k-Vermillion.png Prestige Badge-15k-Vermillion.png Prestige Badge-25k-Vermillion.png Prestige Badge-45k-Vermillion.png
Personal Color-Orange.png Orange Prestige Badge-5k-Orange.png Prestige Badge-10k-Orange.png Prestige Badge-15k-Orange.png Prestige Badge-25k-Orange.png Prestige Badge-45k-Orange.png
Personal Color-Amber.png Amber Prestige Badge-5k-Amber.png Prestige Badge-10k-Amber.png Prestige Badge-15k-Amber.png Prestige Badge-25k-Amber.png Prestige Badge-45k-Amber.png
Personal Color-Yellow.png Yellow Prestige Badge-5k-Yellow.png Prestige Badge-10k-Yellow.png Prestige Badge-15k-Yellow.png Prestige Badge-25k-Yellow.png Prestige Badge-45k-Yellow.png
Personal Color-Chartreuse.png Chartreuse Prestige Badge-5k-Chartreuse.png Prestige Badge-10k-Chartreuse.png Prestige Badge-15k-Chartreuse.png Prestige Badge-25k-Chartreuse.png Prestige Badge-45k-Chartreuse.png
Personal Color-Lime.png Lime Prestige Badge-5k-Lime.png Prestige Badge-10k-Lime.png Prestige Badge-15k-Lime.png Prestige Badge-25k-Lime.png Prestige Badge-45k-Lime.png
Personal Color-Emerald.png Emerald Prestige Badge-5k-Emerald.png Prestige Badge-10k-Emerald.png Prestige Badge-15k-Emerald.png Prestige Badge-25k-Emerald.png Prestige Badge-45k-Emerald.png
Personal Color-Green.png Green Prestige Badge-5k-Green.png Prestige Badge-10k-Green.png Prestige Badge-15k-Green.png Prestige Badge-25k-Green.png Prestige Badge-45k-Green.png
Personal Color-Aquamarine.png Aquamarine Prestige Badge-5k-Aquamarine.png Prestige Badge-10k-Aquamarine.png Prestige Badge-15k-Aquamarine.png Prestige Badge-25k-Aquamarine.png Prestige Badge-45k-Aquamarine.png
Personal Color-Turquoise.png Turquoise Prestige Badge-5k-Turquoise.png Prestige Badge-10k-Turquoise.png Prestige Badge-15k-Turquoise.png Prestige Badge-25k-Turquoise.png Prestige Badge-45k-Turquoise.png
Personal Color-Viridian.png Viridian Prestige Badge-5k-Viridian.png Prestige Badge-10k-Viridian.png Prestige Badge-15k-Viridian.png Prestige Badge-25k-Viridian.png Prestige Badge-45k-Viridian.png
Personal Color-Cyan.png Cyan Prestige Badge-5k-Cyan.png Prestige Badge-10k-Cyan.png Prestige Badge-15k-Cyan.png Prestige Badge-25k-Cyan.png Prestige Badge-45k-Cyan.png
Personal Color-Sky.png Sky Prestige Badge-5k-Sky.png Prestige Badge-10k-Sky.png Prestige Badge-15k-Sky.png Prestige Badge-25k-Sky.png Prestige Badge-45k-Sky.png
Personal Color-Cobalt.png Cobalt Prestige Badge-5k-Cobalt.png Prestige Badge-10k-Cobalt.png Prestige Badge-15k-Cobalt.png Prestige Badge-25k-Cobalt.png Prestige Badge-45k-Cobalt.png
Personal Color-Ultramarine.png Ultramarine Prestige Badge-5k-Ultramarine.png Prestige Badge-10k-Ultramarine.png Prestige Badge-15k-Ultramarine.png Prestige Badge-25k-Ultramarine.png Prestige Badge-45k-Ultramarine.png
Personal Color-Blue.png Blue Prestige Badge-5k-Blue.png Prestige Badge-10k-Blue.png Prestige Badge-15k-Blue.png Prestige Badge-25k-Blue.png Prestige Badge-45k-Blue.png
Personal Color-Indigo.png Indigo Prestige Badge-5k-Indigo.png Prestige Badge-10k-Indigo.png Prestige Badge-15k-Indigo.png Prestige Badge-25k-Indigo.png Prestige Badge-45k-Indigo.png
Personal Color-Violet.png Violet Prestige Badge-5k-Violet.png Prestige Badge-10k-Violet.png Prestige Badge-15k-Violet.png Prestige Badge-25k-Violet.png Prestige Badge-45k-Violet.png
Personal Color-Purple.png Purple Prestige Badge-5k-Purple.png Prestige Badge-10k-Purple.png Prestige Badge-15k-Purple.png Prestige Badge-25k-Purple.png Prestige Badge-45k-Purple.png
Personal Color-Silver.png Silver Prestige Badge-5k-Silver.png Prestige Badge-10k-Silver.png Prestige Badge-15k-Silver.png Prestige Badge-25k-Silver.png Prestige Badge-45k-Silver.png

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