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The Hall of Heroes is a location made available upon reaching the Rank 4-1.



A grand, subterranean hall furnished with banners of the Spiral Order, the Hall of Heroes is where aspiring knights go to get their Star Certification from Lieutenant Barrus.

Players can access the Hall from the Garrison or be automatically transported inside upon accepting certain Missions. Entry to the Hall is via a narrow corridor similar to the one in the Advanced Training Hall. Continuing north is the main hall, where knights can speak to veterans, purchase recipes or try for their Star Certification. This space includes a number of uniquely-equipped knights lining the eastern and western walls. Each knight has a recipe box beside them, from which the knight can purchase the recipe for any of the items that the associated knight is wearing or wielding (for higher rated instances, all previous recipes will still be available from that knight).

NOTE: All the recipes acquired here are automatically bound upon purchase.

Spiral Wardens at the northern end of the Hall with Barrus.

Ranged along the west aisle are the resident knights Echo, Daxen, Remi, Archilus and Sylvin; to the east are Jorin, Izola, Zebulon and Walkon. These veterans have mastered a particular field or style of combat and share their specialist advice with aspiring knights.

At the very north of the Hall is a gate guarded by Lieutenant Barrus and two Spiral Wardens. On award of Star Certification, knights will be able to pass through this gate and take the elevator back to Haven. If unsuccessful, they will need to return to Haven via the southern corridor.

Star Certification

As the danger of exploring the Clockworks increases with each depth a knight descends, clearance is required for access to prevent inexperienced knights falling into peril. Clearance can be gained via Star Certification, which is based on equipment star levels. Knights are therefore restricted from taking on more difficult missions until they are carrying the right level of equipment for the job.

Certification is performed by Lieutenant Barrus in the "Hall of Heroes" missions.

Certification levels

To be granted a Star Certification, a knight must be equipped with armor, helmet, shield, and weapon of that star level or greater.

4-1 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes: ★★☆☆☆
5-2 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes: ★★★☆☆
6-2 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes: ★★★★☆
8-2 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes: ★★★★★

Tier Clearance

Tier Clearance will automatically be granted on award of the appropriate Star Certification. Access to the various tiers is granted by the local Spiral Warden when a knight bears the required certification. Once acquired, Knights may also enter directly into the first level of that tier via any gate.

Tier 1: N/A (granted on entrance to Haven, i.e. on completion of the 1-4 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Crossing the Chasm).
Tier 2: 2-Star Certification
Tier 3: 4-Star Certification

It is possible for a knight to explore a tier that they have not yet been cleared for by being invited to join a party started by a knight with access.

Despite restrictions on equipment levels for Star Certifications, a knight may enter any tier with equipment of any star level.

Tracking Progress

Knights talking to the Spiral Warden stationed outside the subtown at the first depth of the tier, will be told what action needs to be taken order to achieve clearance.

Tier clearances are permanent.




The knights stationed in the Hall of Heroes sell fixed lists of recipes, however these are limited to the Star Certification level of each Hall. Initially, the Hall of Heroes contains only 2-star recipes (with 3-star from Zebulon, due to his specialisation). Upon completion of the identically titled Rank 5-2, 6-2, and 8-2 Hall of Heroes missions, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star recipes will be made available, respectively.

NOTE: All recipes purchased in the Hall of Heroes are automatically bound upon purchase.

Availability of recipes

Hall of Heroes at 4-1: Up to 2* Recipes (3* for Zebulon)
Hall of Heroes at 5-2: Up to 3* Recipes
Hall of Heroes at 6-2: Up to 4* Recipes
Hall of Heroes at 8-2: Up to 5* Recipes

The only recipes that cannot be found in the Hall of Heroes are:

Other recipes not found are:

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