Purring Cap

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Icon-alert.png This item is exclusive to Three Rings Game Masters and/or other Employees. It is not available to players.
It may have hilariously overpowered statistics, be gear from beta that didn't make it into the official release, be a uniform for game masters, etc.
Purring Cap
Purring Cap-Equipped.png
  • Purring Cap This item isn't in a staff set.


Health Pips:

Level 1+: Health Bonus: +3
Level 5+: Health Bonus: +4


Accessory Positions:
The Purring Cap is a staff exclusive item.


A curious cap made to resemble a mewkat. It is said to grant the wearer nine lives.


This item is part of a family of gear available for three rings staff. The other items in this family are:

GM Weapons

GM Shields

GM Costume (Helmet)

GM Costume (Armor)

Personalised Equipment
In addition to the standard and official purple Game Master Spiral Order armor, some Three Rings Staff have unique items:

Cherub's Set
Ian McConville, the lead art designer of Spiral Knights, wears this set:

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