The Ban Stick

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Icon-alert.png This item is exclusive to Three Rings Game Masters and/or other Employees. It is not available to players.
It may have hilariously overpowered statistics, be gear from beta that didn't make it into the official release, be a uniform for game masters, etc.
The Ban Stick
The Ban Stick-Equipped.png
  • The Ban Stick This item isn't in a staff set.



This item doesn't have any special abilities.

Accessory Positions:
The The Ban Stick is a staff exclusive item.


Smite thee with crowbar fury.


Basic Attack

A three swing combo with the last hit knocking back enemies.

Charge Attack

A full 360 degree spin, knocking back all enemies in range. Beware that this attack will also deal direct damage to and knock back other party members. The charge attack deals split piercing and normal damage.


Damage is unverified. Despite the elusively low damage bar, on depth 28 it is estimated to around 8000 for the first strike.


The Ban Stick is a standard and iconic Game Master exclusive weapon.

Why a crowbar? Who knows, but it could be an allusion to Gordon Freeman's trusty crowbar from the Half-Life series. The phrase "ban stick" has also been used for many years by the player community in Puzzle Pirates, another game developed by Three Rings.


This item is part of a family of gear available for three rings staff. The other items in this family are:

GM Weapons

  • Equipment-The Ban Stick icon.png The Ban Stick

GM Shields

GM Costume (Helmet)

GM Costume (Armor)

Personalised Equipment
In addition to the standard and official purple Game Master Spiral Order armor, some Three Rings Staff have unique items:

Cherub's Set
Ian McConville, the lead art designer of Spiral Knights, wears this set:

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