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The term Rank may refer to:

  • Player Rank - Example: "Vanguard." A ranking system within the game that allows players to progress through missions and certain events via the Hall of Heroes and equip higher-star gear.
  • Prestige Rank - amount of prestige points that can change the badge next to a player's name.
  • Rank Mission - a type of mission that helps players increase prestige points and player rank.
  • Guild Rank - the ranks members can have within a Guild.

Other similar terms that should not be confused with rank:

  • Star Level or Star Rating - the number of stars on an item indicate its place in an alchemy path and/or general tier.
  • Heat Level - from level 0 to 10 for gear.
  • Tier - one of 1, 2, or 3 for star level and clockworks depths.

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