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Rational Knights
GuildLogo-Rational Knights (Guild).png
Guild Founders: Stormer, Cxtralu
Approximate Population: 83


Rational Knights was created by two groundbreakers, Stormer and Cxtralu.

The members of this guild:

  • enjoy playing Spiral Knights
  • do not harass or bully other players
  • do not waste other players' time
  • are helpful and nice towards other game players
  • do not beg for crowns, energy or materials.

Guild song : Song Of Storms Dubstep Mix - Ephixa


Joining the Guild
  • No Gear or Tier Requirements! Anybody can join, regardless of their gear or experience.
  • Mature/Friendly Attitude Applicants must be helpful and nice to others in the game, and do not harass or bully other players.

Rational Knights does not set requirements on the gear or tier clearance level of its members. However, the guild may remove players that have been inactive for longer than 1 month, in order to allow new members to join.

If you are interested in joining, contact one of our guild members to see if we have an opening. If we do, then you will be invited into the guild as a Recruit.

Rational Knights Rankings
  • Recruit: The starting rank of anybody in Rational Knights.
  • Member: Knights who are fully welcomed into the guild.
  • Veteran: Veterans are longstanding guild members who have been with the guild for some time.
  • Officer: The most veteran and trustworthy of Veterans get promoted to the rank of Officer.
  • Guild Master: The most senior rank reserved for the most loyal and longstanding guild members.

Guild Rules

Any of our guild members must match the guild member description in the intro. A guild member may receive a warning, be demoted or removed from the guild, depending on the severity of which he or she breaks the guild rules.

Guild Rules

1. Be communicative.

  • We can't read your mind, so talk with us (i.e. the online members or contact the GMs via email)
    • if you have suggestion on how to improve the guild experience or
    • if, for some reason, you are unhappy with an aspect concerning the guild.
  • Please mind your language in the guild chat.
  • If a message concerns only one guild member, then please use the personal chat instead of the guild chat to send that message.
  • If possible, inform the guild masters if you are planning to stop playing the game for a long period of time (2 weeks or more). If you have been inactive for some time and you realize when you come back that you have been removed from the guild, then contact us and we will welcome you back if the guild is not full.

2. Be (pro)active

  • Join when possible the guild runs, guild LD parties, guild events and contest.
  • Feel free to contribute to the guild public image. For example, the guild logo, song and content of this page are contributions from fellow guild members.

3. Be independent

  • Keep in mind that the other members have limited time and resources to play and every guild member is free to choose how they are spending their time and resources. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help in the guild chat to complete a difficult mission or if there is someone that can revive you if you died. However, it is up to each guild member to decide if and when they can help you.
  • If you want to do a particular run (e.g. a gate, a mission), then start your party, leave it open and announce it on the guild chat. The members who are available and interested in doing the same run will join you. Do not send multiple invites, one is sufficient.

4. Support the guild.

  • While it is not a guild requirement, an occasional donation to the guild hall for upkeep is always welcome.

5. Do not ask for promotions.

  • The promotions are awarded to the deserving members, so there is no need to ask for them. You can however let us know if you are interested in taking more responsibilities towards becoming a guild officer.


This is a list of all of our members. It is updated sporadically, but if you don't see your name here, feel free to add it to the list. If you have a wiki userpage, please link to it as well.

Guild Masters
Stormer Background.png Cxtralu Background.png Hortumal Background2.png
Stormer Cxtralu Hortumal
200px Atake Background.png Kemelien Background.png 200px
Alienwalkerdman Atake Kemelien Medhefgo
Zakaria Background.png 200px Kappatau Background.png
Zakaria Bladenine Kappatau
Dexh Hallipuppa Herlock-Sholmes Hey-Ho
Madjestik Ooglyboogly Sephoris Tarvengerlock
Alexisasful Baatt Cest-Fire Crysophylax
Cuwashki Duhawesome Enten Ermis
Falcon-Sky Gartogv Gavinin Hagemans
Hansencao Hattori-General Ironblock Junglecaba
Lavdirg Leetone Mazzfraps Meanrobot
Ninjsa Noua Ooww Polyol
Prody Prolevel Punderful Robmotmiller
Robotront Sabotager Sernter Sir-Shmoo
Sir-Tokington Sirci Skippinmcg Soulfog
The-Great-Blob Trueguide Twistikaiser Valarsari
Wagmon Zazzalol
Alexvaldemar Arkturis Bjornh Demolisherof
Dmitriygg Drickem Dusklee Ekolight
Gamerbatata Kastonic Knights-In-Armor Nineokokok
Prawdiziwy-Rakoo Rookiiee Slumbershell Sonic-Underground
Ventus-Oconner Vyquera War-Hog Yoruichil

Guild in Action

The Core, 29/4/12, with Cxtralu, Stormer and Zarakia The Firestorm Citadel, 29/4/12, with Cxtralu, Stormer and Zarakia Very heathy, 30/4/12
Give it back!, 1/5/12 Seerus was defeated, 1/5/12 Don't mess with us!, 5/5/12, guild run with Archon-Prime, Cxtralu, Junglecaba and Ampsynth
KoA, 10/5/12, guild run with Madjestik, Zarakia, Cxtralu and Stormer KoA, 13/5/12 SL run, 18/5/12, with Joaoferreira, Polyol, Stormer and Cxtralu
KoA, 2/6/12, with Isthesky, Petseral, Ampsynth and Cxtralu What is this room? (an area with re-spawning zombies in a graveyard level) Goodies
Check out mah sword! <3 KoA, 22/6/12
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