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Account Name: Hortumal
Guild: Rational Knights
Prestige: 33,120
Achievement-First Steps.png Achievement-Welcome, Stranger.png Achievement-Mission Accomplished.png Achievement-World of Moorcraft.png
Achievement-Spiral Spelunker.png Achievement-An Emberlight in the Dark.png Achievement-Go Deep.png Achievement-Hardcore.png
Achievement-Royal Pain.png Achievement-Free Spirit.png Achievement-O Frabjous Day!.png Achievement-Terrible Twin Turrets.png
Achievement-One-Star Smith.png Achievement-Two-Star Smith.png Achievement-Three-Star Smith.png Achievement-Four-Star Smith.png
Achievement-Five-Star Smith.png Achievement-Apprentice Alchemist.png Achievement-Adept Alchemist.png Achievement-Accomplished Alchemist.png
Achievement-Ascendant Alchemist.png Achievement-Swordsman.png Achievement-Expert Swordsman.png Achievement-Master Swordsman.png
Achievement-Gunslinger.png Achievement-Expert Gunslinger.png Achievement-Master Gunslinger.png Achievement-Bombardier.png
Achievement-Expert Bombardier.png Achievement-Master Bombardier.png Achievement-Hatter.png Achievement-Expert Hatter.png
Achievement-Mad Hatter.png Achievement-Armorer.png Achievement-Expert Armorer.png Achievement-Master Armorer.png
Achievement-Shieldbearer.png Achievement-Expert Shieldbearer.png Achievement-Master Shieldbearer.png Achievement-Stellar Set.png
Achievement-Applied Entropy.png Achievement-Minor Miner.png Achievement-Moderate Miner.png Achievement-Major Miner.png
Achievement-Marvelous Miner.png Achievement-Master Miner.png Achievement-Fully Loaded.png Achievement-Jump Start.png
Achievement-Helping Hand.png Achievement-Walk It Off.png Achievement-Pharma Suitable.png Achievement-Conditioned Response.png
Achievement-Energize!.png Achievement-Bronze Survivor.png Achievement-Silver Survivor.png Achievement-Gold Survivor.png
Locked Achievement.png Locked Achievement.png Achievement-Star Spangled Bomber.png Achievement-Son of a Nutcracker!.png

About Me

I joined Spiral Knights a few months after the release, and enjoyed it enough to still be here. As you may have guessed from my equipment, I use swords the most. When playing lockdown, I go as a striker, but do try to spend time capping as well as attacking the other team.

Click here to go to my sandbox


Here is a list of my 5 Star equipment, as well as some of my costumes.

Icon-sword.pngSwords (8)
Icon-handgun.png Handguns (3)
Icon-helmet.png Helmets (4)
  • Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap Unique variant icon.png Increased Freeze Resistance: High
  • Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Cap Unique variant icon.png Increased Piercing Defense: Medium
  • Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap Unique variant icon.png Unique variant icon.png Increased Shadow Defence: Maximum! and Increased Poison Resistance: Maximum!
  • Equipment-Black Kat Cowl icon.png Black Kat Cowl Unique variant icon.png Unique variant icon.png Increased Freeze Resistance: Low and Increased Stun Resistance: Low
Icon-armor.png Armors (4)
Icon-shield.png Shields (4)
Icon-trinket.png Trinkets (2)
Icon-costume.png Important Costumes (11)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get your username?

'Hortumal' was the name of my first Dungeons and Dragons character. I retired him at level 84.

Your name is kind of a mouthful. Do you have a nickname?

You can also call me 'Hort' if you want. Most people end up calling me that anyway.

Can I call you 'Hor'?

Please don't.

Can I join your guild?

Sure. As long as you have a good attitude, it does not matter what gear you have.

Can I have some crowns?

NO. Grind a boss stratum or two. Since missions, it has become unspeakably easy for even Teir 1 players to farm several thousand crowns each day.

How come I never see you on the forums?

I have never posted once on the forums. The reasons for this are twofold. First, I am not a fan of Drupal, the company that powers the SK Forums. Also, the forums are almost never a source of intelligent conversation. EDIT: I posted a guild recruitment thread on the forums. If you want to join, leave a comment!

Can I have help with mission x?

I don't usually go out of my way to redo missions with others. However, I do all of the boss missions fairly frequently, so if I am around, I might be able to lend a helping hand on those.

What is your favorite weapon?

I don't really have one. If I had to choose, I would say Electron Vortex-it makes FSC go by twice as fast.

Where can I find you?

I often lurk either in the Haven town square, or in one of the chairs in my unexpanded guild hall.

Can I have some materials?

NO. However, I do sell materials, if you can find me.


  • Slaughtered the Snarbolax (including solo).
  • Juiced the Royal Jelly (including solo).
  • Razed the Roarmulous Twins (including solo).
  • Vanquished Lord Vanaduke (including solo).
  • Survived all of the Shadow Lairs.
  • Subdued Warmaster Seerus.
  • Annihilated Arkus.
  • Massacred Maulos.
  • Trashed the Iron Hulk.
  • Destroyed Margrel.
  • Have a rank of Vanguard.
  • Have every achievement except for Dauntless Delver and Cradle and All. Likely to never have the time to complete them :(
  • A personal best in Lockdown of 25,645 points of damage, with my current goal being 30,000.


Images will be added soon!

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