Release Notes 2011-01-21

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From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release today that includes the following:

  • You can now lock your HUD in dungeons by clicking the small lock icon in the top left corner of the HUD or by pressing the tilde key. In order to unlock it, you must press the tilde key. This key can be remapped in the options menu.
  • If kicked from a party you will now carry on solo rather than be booted back to Haven. This feature is still undergoing testing, so please be on the look out for bugs and report them if found.
  • Many shields have undergone a visual makeover and now have unique art! More on the way.
  • Many of the custom levels have undergone a few tweaks to balance difficulty and include a few new components like energy doors.
  • As always, lots of bug fixes.
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