Release Notes 2011-03-17

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From the Release Notes:

We will be performing a release tonight that includes the following:

  • We've simplified the columns in the Arcade. Instead of giving you a read out of mineral ratios they now show the current theme of each stratum to give you a quick 'at a glance' look at what is being built.
  • Lieutenant Feron has shown up for duty in the Arcade and will provide an overview of your mission as well as present new players with the objective of reaching the first terminal in tier 1.
  • Chief Geo Knight Wegner has reported for duty and relieved the arcade assistant. Wegner will give you a basic overview of how minerals work and (soon) an advanced lesson on gate creation.
  • Required ingredients are now shown on recipe tooltips.
  • The damage values shown when attacking monsters will vary based on if the special attack types are effective against that monster (bigger numbers if the monster is weak to the damage, smaller if they are resistant)
  • Fixed a bug where damage bonuses were not showing up on armor/helmet/trinket tooltips
  • More rooms and monsters were added to the deconstruction zone as well as some refinement to the size of the rooms
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