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Map of the Arcade.

The Arcade is the northern district of Haven. Players can launch expeditions into the Clockworks from the gates here.

Points of Interest

  • The Arcade allows access to the Clockworks via four gates along the north edge of the Arcade, which overlooks the Clockworks. Approaching a gate console brings up the arcade options of the missions interface.
Located in the far east area, another is next to Feron.
Located north of the Garrison entrance.
Located next to Sullivan in the west area.
  • Other Haven districts can be accessed via the southern junctions. From left to right, these lead to the Bazaar, Town Square, and Garrison.


Name Visual Type Role Location Notes
Feron Feron-Mugshot.png Knight Informant Middle area to the left of Wegner Informs the player about the area.
Sullivan Sullivan-Mugshot.png Devilite Vendor:
Coliseum Rewards Supervisor
Far west area
indicated by: Map-icon-Token.png
Offers special recipes, bombhead mask's costumes, and a few important materials in exchange for Krogmo Coins.
Wegner Wegner-Mugshot.png Knight Informant Middle area to the right of Feron Informs the player about minerals.


During Winterfest, snow can be seen falling into the clockworks. This is an aesthetic and has no bearing on the actual stratum themes.


In the past, players would deposit minerals into dormant gates to determine their strata in a process known as gate construction. This mechanic was removed as part of the first phase of an arcade revamp with release 2013-10-23.

  • release 2011-01-12: Interaction with the Arcade Assistant has been improved with visuals.
  • release 2011-03-17: Arcade columns improved to show stratum. Wegner and Feron have been stationed here. Wegner has replaced the Arcade Assistant.
  • release 2011-04-19: Wegner's dialogue has been improved.
  • release 2011-08-02: The Coliseum was released. Sullivan and the Krogmo Alcemy Machine can now be found in the Arcade.
  • release 2011-11-07: Gates in the arcade will now automatically activate when you walk up to them.


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