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King Krogmo’s Coliseum and the Blast Network Blowout!

From the Release Notes:

King Krogmo’s Coliseum officially opens today, and the first of many events, Blast Network, is available to play.

How to Play:
The Coliseum can be accessed by clicking on the crossed swords icon on the HUD. This opens the Coliseum interface and allows you to choose your event or join a forming guild party.

Krogmo has promised that he will be unveiling new events regularly throughout the season. Blast Network is the first and allows for three types of game modes:

Free For All - Blow up every player in sight, trying not to include yourself.

Random Team - Get placed in a random team with the sole purpose of blowing up the other team.

Guild Team - Open up slots for yourself and guild mates to battle another guild team. You can also join forming guild teams by simply pressing the ‘Guild’ tab within the Coliseum interface.

All Coliseum events have a crown entry fee. A portion of the fees are used as rewards for the winners of each match.

Blast Network Rules:
The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents with your bombs. All of your personal equipment is ignored in Blast Network. When a match begins you will have a single weapon, a bomb that explodes in a cross formation. No charging is required. You can place bombs instantly. Any bomb will kill a player, even your own so watch out! You will find several powerups that randomly spawn in the field:

Bomb Blast Up - Increases the blast area of your bomb by one tile.

Bomb Count Up - Increases the number of bombs you can drop at once.

Speed Up - Increases your movement speed.

Health Up - Increases your health by one cell. While bombs eliminate you in one hit, other hazards such as traps and monsters will do a single cell of damage.

In each game you earn points for having your bombs eliminate your opponents. The player or team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

If you are killed you will wait in the rolling respawn queue. All players in the respawn queue will respawn at once after the respawn counter reaches zero. However, during this time you may instead choose to instantly respawn with energy in the same manner as in the Clockworks.

Earning Krogmo Coins:
Any Coliseum game played to completion will earn the participant 1 Krogmo Coin. These are token items that can be traded for special prizes from Sullivan, the Coliseum Rewards Supervisor found in the Haven Arcade. Winning a match will earn the winning player or winning team an additional Krogmo Coin.

Bribing King Krogmo:
Before a match begins, players will find themselves in the barracks outside the match’s arena. Here you can bribe King Krogmo with energy to further up the ante for everyone for the match that’s about to begin. If players manage to fill the pot with energy, Krogmo will unveil a recipient and prize for the match. Recipients include 'all participants,' 'the winning team,' and 'the winning player.' Prizes are random and can be anything from extra Krogmo Coins to special costume items.

Krogmo Coin Boosters:
A new upgrade can be purchased from the Upgrade Shop called a ‘Krogmo Coin Booster.’ This upgrade awards the user an additional Krogmo Coin for each completed Coliseum match and lasts 24 hours. Up to 6 Krogmo Coin Boosters may be used simultaneously.

Bombhead Masks:
To celebrate the launch of Blast Network, King Krogmo has constructed a series of festive costume helms for the Spiral Knights that curiously resemble a live bomb. Perhaps it’s some kind of monster joke? There are many different kinds of Bombhead Masks out there for you to discover. Some can be purchased with Krogmo Coins and many more can be discovered as bonus prizes from bribing King Krogmo. Collect them all!

Krogmo’s Alchemy Machine:
King Krogmo has constructed a new kind of alchemy machine that Knights are free to use. Instead of it reading the recipes a Knight has learned, it instead stores unique recipes within the machine that a Knight may use as if it were his own. Krogmo Alchemy Machines will allow Knights to craft items they are otherwise incapable of producing themselves, such as highly-prized weapon module trinkets.

...and there’s more to come!
King Krogmo has dedicated the entire season to new Coliseum events! Expect to see regular updates with exciting new events, rewards and Coliseum features.

Additional Changes

Item Changes:

  • The Haze Bomb is now 2* rarity and is no longer a requisite component of any of the Vaporizer bombs.
  • The Haze Bomb now has a complete alchemy line of its own up to 5*
  • Sleep resistance no longer appears as a unique variant when crafting or using Punch. It will return some time in the future.
  • Several recipes have been changed slightly to bring them more in line with the rest of the items in their family.
  • The Volcanic Pepperbox recipe now requires 4 Iron Gears instead of 4 Blast Powders.
  • The Umbra Driver now requires 1 Rocky Core instead of 2 Mugs of Misery.
  • The Nova Driver new requires 1 Rocky Core instead of 1 Chroma Tear.
  • The Magnus family of guns has had its recipes trimmed down. Depending on their rarity, they now require Red Shards, Bronze Bolts, Gremlin Gizmos, Force Dynamos, Heavy Gears, Plasma Cells and/or Primal Ore.


  • Added more gremlins to Jigsaw Valley levels.
  • Fixed a bug in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Warfare Workshop that was causing quicksilvers to get stuck on the walls.

New Items:
Earn enough Krogmo Coins and get your hands on these new items:


3* Haze Bomb Mk II
4* Haze Burst
5* Stagger Storm
3* Electron Charge
4* Electron Bomb
5* Electron Vortex

3* Shockburst Brandish
4* Boltbrand
5* Voltedge
3* Grintovec
4* Jalovec
5* Triglav

3* Toxic Needle
4* Blight Needle
5* Plague Needle

4* Bomb Focus Module
4* Boom Module
4* Handgun Focus Module
4* Trueshot Module
4* Quick Draw Module
4* Sword Focus Module
4* Slash Module
4* Quick Strike Module

These trinkets can all be upgraded in 5* 'Elite' versions from a Krogmo Alchemy Machine.

Basil now has the chance of having a recipe for the 3* Graviton Charge (bomb) and a 5* Sudaruska (upgrade of the Khorovod).

Lastly there are many Bombhead Masks to discover by playing Blast Network. Get blasting!

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