Shroud of the Apocrea/The Grasping Plateau

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Gate-The Grasping Plateau.png
Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Shroud of the Apocrea.
Level: ??? (The Grasping Plateau)

From Tombstones:

From Puzzles:


Notable Exploration Entities

  • The Grasping Plateau is a large Graveyard-like area that spawns many tombstones in a grid. It features one or more two-part puzzles and difficult enemies. Its dimensions seem to consistently be 50-52 (West/East) x 34-36 (North/South) tombstones.
  • Puzzles in The Grasping Plateau reward Apocrean Sigils in bulk. Everyone in the party receives the puzzle's sigils as soon as it's solved. Puzzles come in two parts - if you find one part, you can predict and mentally prepare for the other.
Sometimes a material will be rewarded (in addition to sigils in bulk) when a puzzle is solved. It appears on the ground in the puzzle and must be picked up. Each player must investigate the area - one player will not pick a material up for the entire party. It might not appear for everyone in the party, and it may or may not be the same material for everyone in the party. If one appears, this material is always randomly one of the ones available from Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader). The player does not have to be nearby for it to have a chance to drop - someone else can solve the puzzle far away.

Goal: Get to the elevator or collect Apocrean Sigils.


The gallery below displays puzzle pairs and their solutions.

Use the Control+F keyboard function to find terms such as "key."

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