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Status: Poison
Gate Icon-Poison.png
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Icon status poison.png Poison

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Poison is a status condition that inflicts the victim with various effects depending on if it is a knight or a monster.

When a knight is poisoned, they cannot heal, either from hearts or capsules, and have reduced attack power by approximately one-third.

Monsters afflicted with poison will be unable to heal themselves or regenerate health. Gremlin Menders or Wings will slightly damage poisoned monsters instead of healing them. Monster's damage dealt will be reduced by approximately 45%, and damage dealt to poisoned monsters will be increased, although the following instances of damage are not affected by poison:

Themed Enemies

Poison-themed enemies are immune to and may inflict poison status.

Inflicting Poison

Spiral Knights can inflict poison on monsters by using poison vials or barriers against them or using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting poison.

Resisting Poison

The following armor sets grants knights a resistance, but not immunity, to poisoning attacks:

The following shields will protect against vicious, venomous villains:

The following trinkets carry knights through the toxic tunnels of the Clockworks:

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