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The Skylark

The Skylark is a spaceship that is operated by the Spiral Knights. The ship crashed on the planet Cradle and is currently inoperable -- primarily due to the loss of the ship's tearium core.


Crash to Cradle

A Spiral Knight near Skylark escape pods at the rescue camp
The crew of the Skylark, led by Captain Ozlo, had been seeking power to save their homeworld, Isora, and turn the tide of the Morai Wars, so they traced a powerful source of energy to Cradle. According to the Recon Module: Gloaming Wildwoods, left behind by Euclid, and the game's intro sequence, the ship was observing the planet as it arrived and had completed a partial scan of the surface before the attack occurred. As the ship was about to prepare for descent into Cradle, the Skylark was unexpectedly attacked by heavy firepower on the planet's surface, the Skylark was rendered damaged, and impacted towards Cradle upon it exploding, ultimately resulting in its crash on the surface, though, Ozlo ordered an immediate evacuation to everyone onboard via the escape pods before it exploded.

The attack and the crash critically damaged the ship's Tearium core, resulting in an explosion and a loss of part of the ship. The Skylark's escape pods were activated in time to provide a safe landing for a number of Knights that were later directed to the rescue camp by Spiral HQ. With the help of these rescued knights, Spiral HQ is attempting to salvage the battered ship, and believes that the core of the Clockworks, which features an enormous energy signature, may be the key they need to replace the ship's core and repair the Skylark so they can get off Cradle and use it to win the Morai Wars, and save Isora.

The Ship does have a backup core, which was salvaged, but barely has enough power to run the Ship, and is used as the generator for the Lab.


The Skylark looks somewhat like a Tempered Calibur or Ascended Calibur with a red and blue pattern.

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