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NPC: Gremlin
Primary Location(s):
  • Unknown
  • Weak to: *Unknown, probably Attack shadow icon.png Shadow
  • Resistant to: *Unknown, probably Attack elemental icon.png Elemental

Sputterspark is an NPC.


A Gremlin that looks like a large Knocker with key differences; he has a haircut resembling the Rockabilly style, albeit exaggerated. He wears a backpack similar to a Thwackers with exhausts protruding from it, similar to ones found on Mecha Knights and he wears large gauntlets ending in fingered claws.



Sputterspark resides with his Sparkcaster 9000 Deluxe in the center of the room, and periodically throughout the fight lightning bolts will rain down with a chance of inflicting Shock; this attack is easy enough to avoid as their locations are indicated by the burnt patches on the ground. Your main goal is to complete waves of enemies, all of which are Gremlins and Constructs, while avoiding or destroying barbed Steel Hedgehogs and Spike Traps. Sputterspark disappears once all enemies have been dispatched.


This character was introduced with release 2014-05-21. His sprite art was updated with release 2014-06-04.

Sputterspark is a big Gremlin Knocker who works for Seerus. He is never fought directly, so his abilities are unknown.

Despite being a named Gremlin, if targeted with Auto Target he is referred to as Gremlin Knocker.

He is defeated by his own Sparkcaster 9000 Deluxe in 8-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Great Escape after the player presses 3 switches and causes a short circuit which deals 9,000 Damage.



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