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--Sibbsan 19:13, 18 February 2013 (UTC)

Supreme Honour Squad
File:GuildLogo-Supreme Honour Squad.png

"The 5 Guild Masters of Supreme Honour Squad"

Guild Founder: Sibbsan
Approx. Population: 51/100
Guild Master(s):
  • Sibbsan
  • Lipherstar
  • Silent-Sniper
  • Wammerguy
  • Doctormadra
Guild Officer(s):
  • Aperost
  • Boaderjumper
  • Stormlighthunter
  • Darkassasin
  • Ex-Ray
  • Exospectre
  • Rayztwo
  • Deathlunar
  • Binary-Bard
  • Jhonks

Guild Veterans

  • Mr-dwos
  • Shyro
  • Clarine
  • Mrvidmaster
  • Oru-khan

"Serve!, Fight!, Live with Honour!"

Guild History

Supreme Honour Squad was founded by Sibbsan in 2013 in order to advance their core beliefs, and rebuild what Mellansnorre and Myggan have taken from their former Guild, The Anonymous! With a team of powerful knights that really want to advance and are now aiming to become one of the top Guilds in Spiral Knights in order to overcome the most difficult assignments faced by the Spiral Order. A new start with the loyal members from the Anonymous leaving their lost guildhall. Their core principle of team work is the driving force behind their success. Where others may seek personal glory, Supreme Honour Squad believe that no one knight can achieve a greater victory then that of his team. So while a powerful knight might carry the team to victory today, his goal is to help his fellow knight carry it the next.

Recruitment & Rank

Prospective members to the guild should contact one of our GM's for evaluation. We advise you first familiarize yourself with our history, beliefs, and rules in order to successfully apply into the guild.

Anyone freshly invited to the guild starts as a member. The only way you can end up in this rank (recruit, that is) is if you don't follow our donation system after you been with us for 2 weeks. You will be removed if you continue to disobey our rules. Therefore, we want you to notify a GM in advance if you're having problems getting online or going to be offline for a longer period of time.
Weekly Guildhall Upkeep required: 0kcr
Can be kicked from the guild for misconduct by any GM or Officer.
This rank is reserved for our T1 & T2 members, who have made the choice to join our guild.
Weekly Guildhall Upkeep required: 1kcr
Can be kicked from the guild for misconduct by any GM or 2 Officers.
This rank is reserved for our dedicated T3 members who have shown excellent skill and teamwork.
Weekly Guildhall Upkeep required: 2.5kcr
Can be kicked from guild for misconduct by a GM only.
The officers are veterans hand-picked by the GM's. Requests for the position are not accepted!
Weekly Guildhall Upkeep required: 5kcr
Guild Master
Guild masters are the founding members and the core of our guild.
Are the primary investors to the guild (over 2 million cr to date (09/03/2012))

Guild Rules

  • 1. Beggars are not tolerated. This includes rank, crowns, crystals, and equipment.
  • 2. Be active!
  • 3. No offensive language against anyone guild member or otherwise.
  • 4. Keep your jokes in good taste. We don't believe in demeaning others for a cheap laugh.
  • 5. Request leaves of absence in advance with a guild master or officer.
  • 6. Team work is a must; work with your party to achieve victory.
  • 7. Help guild members in need; it's your duty as a guild member.
  • 8. Borrowing is allowed in the guild but a set time fame must be agreed upon in advance.
  • 9. GM's and officers can help mediate trades; but in the end all issues arising from trades fall back on the participants.
  • 10 Before publish the changes in guild hall and buying furnitures it needs to be confirmed by a gm before it is applied !
  • 11 Upkeep comes first, when it comes to spending in guild hall !
  • 12 the mist well are OK too use Members pay 2,500cr for 100 mist. Veterans pay 4,500cr for 100 mist. Officers pay 6000cr for 100 mist and GMs 6000+cr for 100 mist too our treasury so we boost up our Guild hall. Have a officer door too the mist well soo if a Member or Veteran wants too use it they have too ask a Officer or GM so they can promote you too the rank that allows you too enter and withdraw, After your done they will demote you again to your normal rank and you can continue to play.


We are now working on a Lockdown team, and are searching for 4-5* players that are dedicated to this! If anybody is interested in joining our team, just mail Lipherstar!

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