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Vanaduke's HP?

I've decided to do a challenge in soloing Vana with only Proto armor, and an Acheron, no shield, I'll be doing some runs to get a rough estimate of his HP when solo. Since I'm doing that, I'l post my finding here. If anyone else wants to help out just for the fun of it, then be my guest. This could actually prove useful to some players who are going against him for the first time. If this becomes a big enough project then I'll try going Proto on all bosses and get their Solo HP values.

Heck I'll even go to get values when in groups, and see how enemy HP scales to calculate all the bosses HP from only a few runs.

So yeah, just a thought getting thrown out there for a project Idea to any skilled knights who have already defeated him too many times.

Question regarding Argent Peacemaker and Blitz Needle.

According to his article, Lord Vanaduke's body is slightly weak to piercing damage and slightly resistant to everything else. However, under the Tactics section, it recommends the use of piercing guns like Argent Peacemaker and Blitz Needle. I'd like to ask, does Sentenza work just as well as Argent Peacemaker for him? Though he is classified as Undead, his article states that he does not share the same resistances as common Undead, so the shadow damage component of Sentenza shouldn't be any different than the elemental damage component of Argent Peacemaker, and yet I've only seen people use Argent Peacemaker. Is this purely an aesthetic choice, or is there something more to it that I can't see?

The reason is that no one wants to lug a weapon(Sentenza) all the way through FSC that is worthless on everything but Vanaduke. AP is good vs. zombies and Callahan is good vs. Trojans. Sentenza is pretty much an expensive box opener until they add PvP that you can use your own gear.--SpiralMike 08:51, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

Ah, I see now. Thank you. Though on that note, I love Sentenza for T3 Gremlins. But that's just me.


The page says that Vanaduke is NOT undead, but the context suggests that the author has concluded this based only on the fact that he does not share the undead's normal weakness to elemental damage or resistance to shadow. As such, it is not clear whether Vanaduke would be susceptible to an explicit "damage vs. undead" ability, such as on the Cold Iron Vanquisher or Radiant Silvermail. Anyone know? --Antistone 23:15, 22 August 2011 (UTC)

Undead damage bonus has no effect on him. Neither does Fiend, Beast, or anything else. ~Katmint 23:21, 22 August 2011 (UTC)

Normal Resistance (Body Stage)

It seems some recent patch made Vanaduke slightly resistant to Normal in his body phases. I noticed my DA was doing gray numbers on him recently, so I tested my Valiance which did less damage to him than to the Slag Walkers. Just noting this here, it could use more testing before going into the article. ~Katmint 00:24, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

Piercing Weakness

On examining a darkfire vanaduke video, I noticed an argent peacemaker doing more damage to his royalty (81) than a slag guard (78). The damage mechanics may not be the same for the SL version, but still, what's going on? If his weakness to piercing is only slight, why is he taking more damage from a gun that he is partially resistant to than a monster that is also half weak to the same gun, but without the resistance? Could someone with an AP confirm this on current, non-SL vana? and if so, do some tests with another piercing gun to see what his weaknesses really are?

- Addisona

Sign your posts, first off. Second, Vanaduke is weak to piercing, and moderate to elemental. Slag Guards are weak to elemental, and moderate to piercing. It's clear though that Vanaduke is weaker to piercing than undead are to elemental. Or vice versa. Nothing changes in terms of weakness with Darkfire Duke. Magnus 21:15, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

Response by poster - k' thanks for responding, sorry I forgot to sign this.

- Addisona

With four tildes. Magnus 00:21, 4 February 2012 (UTC)
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