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Joined: 03/01/2011
Guild: Phalanx
Achievements: 60/60

Diamonds are fleeting, but a good guild is forever.

About Me

I play Spiral Knights because the game is fun, even through all the mayhem Three Rings has caused in their own game over the first year. Even after the year, though, almost anyone would get bored of any game. And I won't deny that I have. I've vanished a few times around Summer Camp and The Great Gift Pile sales on Steam, and when Dark Souls and Skyrim came out. Being an avid gamer, I was really just drawn to them instead. But why I keep coming back?

When I first started, I had a chance encounter with Biznasty and Decrous. And I joined Guild. And I've had nothing but fun playing with all the friends I've made, and I'll always come back for more of those good times... Until Three Rings kills their own game, which I believe we all hope they won't do.

For now, I've quit, as well as the majority of Guild, and have moved to TERA Online. I had fun, but Three Rings chose to focus on new content for new players only, leaving long time players high and dry with each patch, or screwing us with some new crown or energy sink. New end game content is nothing short of a pipe dream now. But I digress.

I'd like to thank everyone for the unwavering support I, and all of Guild, have received all the way back since beta for our video and forum shenanigans and general ability. Not many people can say they've been a pinnacle of an MMO community legitimately without sounding egotistical, but that is exactly what made playing so fun. Biz and I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun without such a label. It really made everything a lot more interesting, when just logging on could provide a multitude of surprises, especially fancy applications to join Guild.

And to all those Guild members that couldn't join us, or wouldn't, take from Guild what you will, but always be proud of it. Stay golden.


Halloween is a magical time, isn't it?


  • Formerly second in Command of Guild, lead by the most charismatic player of Spiral Knights, Biznasty.
  • Helped Guild become great by publishing videos, while Biznasty would write on balance issues on the forums.
  • First player to get Fang of Vog with two others, Biznasty and Decrous, during the Preview Event.
  • First of four players to kill Vanaduke after release (with Biznasty, Aeca, and Otrapas).
  • First player to get full Vog Cub after release.
  • First player to get Fang of Vog after release.
  • Heralded as the strongest player in all of Spiral Knights since Preview.
  • 600,000+ hits on Youtube.
  • Number one ranked in Lockdown for the first two days after release.
  • Lead Guild to the number one rank in Lockdown for the first day after release.
  • Lead Guild to a thirty-eight win streak. Team did not lose afterwards, merely quit from boredom.
  • Among the first group of players, with Biznasty, Meida, and Mirathinas, to reach the first Sanctuary.
  • First of two players to first equip a full Snarbolax Armor Set, the other being (of course) Biznasty.
  • Helped Biznasty obtain the first Arcane Salamander Set in the game.
  • First to complete Ultimate GW, RJP, IMF, and FSC with Biznasty.
  • The first, with Biznasty, to collect all four Echo Stones.
  • With a lot of help, first to get the Twilight Aura, and the only one with it for a month or two.
  • Temp banned for soliciting.. without ever soliciting.




The Guide to Playing Spiral Knights

A Guide to Swordplay

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