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omega shell vs. all else

i say omega shield has disappointed me ancient plate shield has proved more effective and can withstand more if you get the drake scale shield i reccomend going to the dragon scale shield it is a great all purpose shield

Assuming the wiki pictures are current and the bars are not complete lies, the Ancient Plate Shield has higher defense and stun defense but lower health. Presumably that means it will hold up longer against normal attacks and stunning attacks, but not as long against piercing, elemental, or shadow damage. What enemies (and on what tier) were you fighting when you tested? --Antistone 03:40, 1 September 2011 (UTC)

i was fighting a trojan from tier three and the ancient plate shield withstood a tier three trojan charge and stayed blue

Trojans deal pure normal, so it's to be expected that Ancient Plate Shield would fare much better (and better than any other shield in the game, as well). Ancient Plate Mail and Helm actually have normal defense that goes well beyond the visible bar, so it's conceivable (and likely) that the Ancient Plate Shield does as well.
There are two questions to be had regarding the Omega Shell. One is how far beyond the visible bar the Omega Shell's health goes. I have a feeling that it doesn't stop at the end of the bar. And the other is why you would want to equip an Omega Shell at all rather then the most direct alternatives: Ancient Plate and Aegis. I can almost count the sources of pure elemental and shadow damage on one hand, so if you're coming to this page wondering about the value of the Omega Shell, it's perhaps the most all-purpose shield in the game, with no real weakness but also no real strength. The Aegis will fare better against the pure piercing damage of slimes and spikes, and the Ancient Plate Shield will fare better against all sources of pure normal as well as comparably well against everything that deals partial normal (i.e. most melee attacks and some ranged ones). The Omega Shell will fare better than the Aegis against normal, better than the Ancient Plate against pure piercing, and better than either against pure elemental and shadow damage. If you want one of these generalist shields, choose accordingly.
Furthermore, it's presumable that the Omega Shell's high health makes damage reduction UVs more valuable on it than on other shields. --Kalaina 17:28, 3 January 2012 (UTC)
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