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To replicate the appearance of in-game dialogue. Please make dialogues on their own pages, like so: Kora Dialogue/Welcome to Haven!, with <noinclude>[[Category:Dialogues]]</noinclude> right after the last }} .

Then link to them as needed like so: {{:Kora Dialogue/Welcome to Haven!}} - this is template friendly. Have not encountered problems yet.

It is optional to hide this dialogue with Template:Dialogue/Showhide.

This way, users can:

  • Find dialogues in bulk quickly via Category:Dialogues
  • Update a dialogue that appears in more than one spot in the game/wiki right away and consistently.


|character = 
|cd = 
|pd = 




the name of the character - do not use brackets etc. Just the name.


character dialogue.


player response to the character dialogue.


See what links here for examples of this template in action.

The NPC pages (NAME Dialogue/Location) do not use the optional Template:Dialogue/Showhide, revealing the entire dialogue alone on its own page for easy reading.
The other mainspace pages do. The dialogue page is inserted into the showhide for optional reading on pages with other information.


Forum Discussion about this template.

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