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[edit] [purge] Template documentation


To display information about a level.


|area        =
|name        =
|icon 1      = 
|depth       =
|monsters    =
|exploration =
|floor notes =



|area =

  • The name of the region, such as "Wolver Den" or "Scarlet Fortress."



  • Use only if the level is unique to a mission. Area should be used instead of mission whenever possible.

|icon 1 =

  • name of the icon of the level. There might be more than 1, especially for certain prestige missions. See optional parameters. Be careful with typos here. If the icon isn't showing up, do not immediately upload a new one, as the icon you want is probably already available - even if the area is new! Gates love to use simple icons for monster and status themes. Check for capitalization, hyphens, spacing issues, etc.

|name =

  • name of the level. For rank missions, this is frequently a unique name, but it's likely still a standard tileset that should be linked to in Exploration.

|depth =

  • The depth of the level. Might depend on Player Rank, especially for certain prestige missions.

|monsters =

  • Please use established templates in a bulleted list like so:
{{Monster|Red Rover}}
This makes: Gate Icon-Construct.png Icon status fire.png Red Rover

|exploration =

  • A bulleted list of basic areas and important/unique scenery and hazards like traps. Some areas have special puzzle mechanics. Mention the location of any significant NPCs (friendly or otherwise).
  • Use {{exploration|Entity}} to link to entities that do not have complex data, so users don't have to load the giant exploration page every time, and can quickly just see an image of the visual.
  • Link to the entity's page if it has one, such as Treasure Box or Mecha Turret. Do not use {{exploration|Entity}} in this case.

|floor notes =

  • state the player goal. The provided mission objective is not always clear and is sometimes more for lore than the actual gaming. A quick strategy (some areas are very repetitive), and a gallery if the area is not randomly generated and/or has very interesting scenery. This section might be quite large for more unique areas. Try to keep it simple - link to a boss for strategy, don't outline the boss strategy here, and so on. Overall level strategy should be included in the Notes section of the Mission Page or Area itself, not in this template. This applies to areas that have the same themes throughout, like Firestorm Citadel.


|icon 2      = 
|icon 3      = 
|icon 4      = 
|icon 5      = 
  • Use only if the depth rotates between levels. Certain prestige missions do this. Same input format as "icon 1."
There are a few format changes that occur if the "icon 2" parameter is used. Higher numbers should only be used after 2 is used, in order.


  • Use to specify depth. Is often "depth 1 and below." Compounds and boss stratum do not behave this way.


  • Use only if the level has a fixed map and/or unique scenery. Follow the <gallery> format.


See What Links Here to see examples of this template in action.


Use the Gate Map to determine which icons to use, not the social panel. If there is no Gate Map accessible in-game, use each level's elevator icon. If even this is not available, use the generic icon or the social panel, whichever is most prudent.

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