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Clockworks Icons:

Map-icon-point of interest.png = Tends to indicate a temporary condition of interest or threat.

Map-icon-conversation.png = Indicates an NPC that will talk to the player.

Map-icon-questfinish.png = Usually indicates that a quest has been finished and the player should investigate.

Map-icon-end.png = where a knight can get on an elevator to progress or return to Haven.

Map-icon-gate-golden-key.png = pick up this key and bring it to a golden gate.

Map-icon-gate-golden.png = this gate could use a golden key found somewhere in the level.

Map-icon-Golden Prize Wheel.png = indicates a Golden Prize Wheel.

Map-icon-Vendor Gift.png = indicates a gift's vendor like Smitty from the Golden Slime Casino.

Map-icon-sprite.png = Usually indicates a Nature Sprite that needs help. Seen in the Firestorm Citadel.

Map-icon-spritelock.png = Usually indicates where a Nature Sprite should be placed. Seen in the Firestorm Citadel.

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