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A small sprite.
This article is about the sprites in the Firestorm Citadel. For other uses, see Sprite (disambiguation).

A Nature Sprite is a type of NPC. They are pure spirits of nature who follow the guide of the Spirit Mother.


A sprite's appearance is similar to the devilite monster, being slightly larger with larger ears and wearing masks.


I've heard that some kind of force of nature had once tried to right his wrongs but Lord Vanaduke imprisoned it somewhere within his fortress. Finding and freeing it may prove useful. Lost Soul of Almire

Firestorm Citadel

Several of these creatures are encountered in Depth 25 of the Firestorm Citadel in the Charred Court level. When entering the court the player will encounter a dried up well surrounded with flowers (the Blossom Aura Accessory is very similar). A larger sprite is waiting by the entrance to this area. When talking to this sprite, it will reveal that the shadow fire blocking progress can be removed with water. If at least 6 sprites are freed, they can supply water to put this abnormal fire out, allowing progression.

The smaller sprites are cursed (there are a total of 8 smaller sprites, the player can free all of them, or just choose 6 or 7) and cannot move on their own. The player must pick them up and carry them to the fountain. Placing the sprite into the fountain "frees" it - indicated by the loss of the curse status and turning green instead of pink. Placing the 6th sprite into the fountain for the Shadow Lair version of this area triggers a surprise ambush.

Water fountains elsewhere in the Citadel continue to be supplied with water after at least six sprites are freed. This is especially important in Depth 28, since water is required to defeat Lord Vanaduke's Mask.


In the 10-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Shadowplay, the citadel has become unstable. Several smaller sprites help the player get through Greenstone Bridge. In the next depth, a few larger sprites are monitoring a severely damaged Overgrown Court. The sprites have brought more nature into the citadel - it is raining and grass grows up through the tiles. But shadows of fire still play in this dark place.


They are key helpers in the Citadel because they provide water, and the player could not claim victory without them.

Large blue sprites in Depth 25 of the Citadel are just called "sprite" in-game, but release 2012-05-16 calls it a "Nature Sprite."



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