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To display a sortable list of wares on individual vendor pages. It is similar to Template:PrizeBoxList, but does not display the item's tooltip, and provides cost information instead of possibility data.


|name    = 
|type    = 
|subtype = 
|star    = 
|cost    = 
|notes   = 


Parameters are highly variable, designed to work with the huge inventory of Spiral Knights. For examples, see what links here to determine what is best for unit cost variation and colloquial subtypes (subtyping is not part of the game's inventory classification in many cases. It is something editors have agreed to do to further aid item searching within these lists as well as player understanding. Materials do not have subtypes). Pay special attention to capitalization. Do not upload icon files unless you know the item has just been released or there has been trouble obtaining an icon for a long time due to recolor behavior. All icons are otherwise uploaded, rendering red text the result of an error in input.

Notes are built into the template for Hall of Heroes vendors. Otherwise, the phrase "Binds upon purchase." is most commonly used here. It is not a template default because editors need to carefully make sure each entry is correct for sensitive binding information.


The cost column is not sortable because sorting tends to organize the table in a rather useless manner for certain vendors (especially Randolph). Tables sort lower place values to the top first, meaning 100 is considered to be less than 20 due to "1" vs. "2". To avoid the various complications that arise from this behavior, vendor lists have each individual ware entry in order from least to greatest based on cost, with unit variation organized alphabetically in the same manner. See Brinks for more details.

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