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The Test Server is where the developers of Spiral Knights will sometimes preview upcoming content for testing and feedback.

Who has access?

Access to the Test Server where players can experience upcoming content is a special privilege limited to players with a combined total of purchases of $4.95 or higher in the last 3 months. Unfortunately because of the way DLC is handled, purchases of the expansion pack or the Guardians Armor Pack do not count towards this requirement.

Be aware the Test Server will only be accessible at certain times specified on the Testing Feedback forum, when testing has been set up and feedback is needed.

Installing the Test Client

  • Web players can install and launch the client from their browser by following the Testing Play page.
  • Steam users can install the Testing Client by pasting steam://install/99920 into their browser's navigation bar and pressing enter.
    • The above Steam link works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, but not Chrome. If the link does not work for you:
      • Safari users can use the Open command to open the link: % open "steam://open/downloads"
      • Windows users can also bring up the run command dialog (Windows + R or in Vista/7 or Start/All Programs/Accessories/Run) and enter the URL there.

How is Test Server different?

This section may change over time as we optimize the process for testing. Currently Test Server differs from Production in the following ways:

  • New knights created will be brought past the Introduction and Rescue Camp to Haven
  • Haven will have no active gates. We will add custom gates as needed when testing specific content.
  • Accounts have an unlimited supply of Energy.
  • New knights created will often be set up to receive a specific selection of items upon creation, needed for current testing. So we will often require knights to be recreated in order to receive those items.

Sharing video & screen shots

Please refrain from recording video and taking screen shots, many assets and features will change by launch. Please respect our request to not make them public.


All feedback should be given in the Testing Feedback forum. Please follow the guidelines for specific feedback requested in forum posts by developers.

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