The Sleeper

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A mysterious entity influenced by the greed of The Swarm. It is assumed to be friendly because it protected several members of the Alpha Squad from the swarm, and the accounted-for Alpha Squad survivors have decided to help it.

It was first mentioned by Parma (via her scout) in the 10-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Dreams and Nightmares.

Relevant dialogue (via Parma's Scout):

Parma's Scout
The rest of us thought we weren't going to make it. But then...then the light surrounded us and we were safe. We've taken to calling it The Sleeper. We aren't sure what it is exactly, but it needs our help. This world was created to protect it but somehow The Swarm breached the Core and has been feeding on the energy and growing like a leech ever since.
Parma's Scout
Euclid volunteered to help The Sleeper. I'm sure he's in here somewhere battling The Swarm even as we speak. As for Rulen...Vaelyn, I'm sorry, he disappeared shortly after Euclid made his decision. I haven't been able to find him ever since.
Parma's Scout
The Swarm keeps growing stronger while The Sleeper grows weaker. Without us, all of use, The Swarm will win. Once, the gremlins were in charge of maintaining Cradle's defenses. But they had their own plans. We need to be Cradle's champions now.

It's our sacrifice.
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