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The Alpha Squad were the first Spiral Knights to enter the Clockworks and venture all the way to The Core. Their current location is unknown.

According to Intel Agent Kora:

The Alpha Squad was an elite squad of knights that Ozlo personally selected to first enter the Clockworks in an effort to locate the source of the massive energy signal below. Because all the systems on the Skylark were offline for several weeks, radio communication was not possible. Instead, they left a series of recon modules throughout their travels, sort of like a breadcrumb trail. When our technicians finally got the Skylark's communications systems online, we could not establish a link with the Alpha Squad and they have never been heard from since. Their channel is completely dead. Their dead line is what has us all scratching our heads. Our comlinks are built to withstand all manner of extreme conditions, even explosions. Heck, they survived the Skylark going down after all. There's nothing I can think of that could kill the link completely.


  • Euclid, Alpha Squad Leader.
  • Parma, Alpha Squad Recon.
  • Rulen, Alpha Squad Technician.
  • Grantz, Alpha Squad Guardian.



During the Alpha Squad's expedition through Gloaming Wildwoods, Technician Rulen set up devices called Beast Bells that were essential in the defeat of the Snarbolax.

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