The Snarble Shadows (Guild)

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The Snarble Shadows
GuildLogo-The Snarble Shadows.Image1.jpg

"The cake is a lie." ~ Doug Rattmann

Guild Founder: Kiuj
Approx. Population: 13

Guild Officer(s):
  • Chibemo (dormant...)
  • Idkagoodname

Guild Summary

This guild was made by its founder, Kiuj, and, as of now, we've only got thirteen knights in the entire guild. We hope in growing this guild, and making it the best it can be by uniting together and facing what lies in the depths of the clockworks. This guild symbolizes the circle of knights who, upon staring into the eyes of a Snarbolax, saw the truth of life. That true strength cannot be contained, nor can it be controled. Our attacks are wild, our strategies unbeatable. It is said, by those who have seen us fight, that we are geniuses or mad. We are a mix of both... but our power is true. Fear the beast that lies within us...

Guild Story

Kiuj was not a simple knight. Deep down, he was ment for greatness. But he was not the only one who knew this. In fact, he only suspected it. But another knew this for fact. It had never met the young knight, but the mighty beast of the shadows was well aware that one day, it would be challenged by a warrior with a purer heart than any beast... true and mighty.

Kiuj faced the Snarbolax without fear, and the noble beast reflected this. when it was honorably defeated by the young knight, Kiuj himself decided that the power in his heart was ment for all, not just himself. So, he founded the Snarble Shadows. Led by the man of few words, Kiuj, this guild operates in secret. Not with large groups of noisy players bubeling amist the clockworks, but on idividual missions, for the good of the Spiral Order.

How to Join

Please find or message the guild master to join. We will not look for recruits, they look for us.


  • Respect to anyone inside, or outside, the guild
  • Knowledge of the clockworks (and some english)
  • One "Snarble" weapon (including any other item bought by Brinks with Frumious Fang tokens), or higher, will not be required, but is greatly appreciated
  • Playtime is something that is relaxed

Guild Registry

Any promotion (or demotion) will be made due the actions of the fellow knight. Promotions will be given, do not ask for them.


This is where we keep images our guildmates have created.

Snarbolax Plush.JPG

Snarble Shadows Poster 1.jpg

Blast Poster.jpg

Love Puppy Plush.JPG

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