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Guild: The Snarble Shadows (Guild)
Rank: Vanguard
Main Class: Guardian

Greetings, I am poptart328, my main knight is Kiuj (I play through Steam). I'm really not much to talk, but I have decided to make a page for my account to give a little information about myself. I am also the guild master for The Snarble Shadows (Guild) (guild's page).


Icon-sword.png Sword (14)

Icon-handgun.png Handgun (6)

Icon-bomb.png Bomb (5)

Icon-helmet.png Helmet (7)

Icon-armor.png Armor (8)

Icon-costume.png Costume (9)

  • Surge Round Helm Fancy Com Unit

Icon-shield.png Shield (7)

Icon-trinket.png Trinket (2)

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